The report : 9/11 NNA Monthly Rally * 9/11月例ラリー事後報告

Thank you for joining the 38th NNA Rally.


It is a critical time that Japan is going to become the militarism country farther more after passing the Security Bills. The majority people in Japan are opposing these bills. But again Japanese government is trying to crash down people’s voices.
And  PM Abe is oppressing hard Fukushima victims and the opposition of nuclear industry as well.
About 15 people joined the 9/11 Rally. Two young people who are from Costa Rica, one of them is living in Norway and an activist of environment, spoke out and brought the fresh, young breeze in the rally. The protest letter to PM Abe was written by Dan Marlin and he read it loud. Please see the attached.
I introduced the manifest of Kyoto University Campaign for Freedom and Peace in Japanese and in English. People were impressed by it.
You can watch the detail in the archive of  Independent Web Journal, Ustream taken by G.Yoshikawa. 
Letter to PM Abe : Letter to PM Abe 9/11
See you at the 10/11 rally,
 e j i d h g l
SEALDs、OVEARSEAs などの設立紹介もありました。
集会の詳細はIndependent Web Journal (IWJ) SF支局がして下さったインターネット中継のアーカイブで見られます。

Letter to PM Abe : Letter to PM Abe 9/11

来月11日の皆さんの参加を期待します! 沈黙は容認なり。


reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada

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