The Report from the 7/11 36th Monthly Rally

Thank you for joining our 36th monthly rally. A couple days after unusual rain, the air was clear and the sun was shining upon us. We started the rally about 10 people and when we started to march to the Union Square, we had about 20 people.
It is a critical time because the Sendai nuclear plant is about to restart.
At front of SF Japanese Consulate, Dan Marlin who has written the letter to PM Abe read it out loud. Please see below.
Then since it was Saturday, we marched to the Union Square. Sam Kanno from LA shouted and led our march. I think we attracted many people’s eyes and ears. For some people, it was a big surprise that we are still shouting about Fukushima. For majority of people, they think Fukushima catastrophe was over.
That is the reason we must continue our rally to let people know Fukushima accident is on going, and the victims of Fukushima meltdown are still suffering, even more the government is pushing for the restart of other nuclear plants.
You can see the rally on the Ustream link of Independent Web Journal, SF Office, taken by Genta Yoshikawa.
See you again at the 8/11 Rally! We never give up!


デモはIndependent Web Journal (IWJ)、 SF支局の吉川さんの撮ったUstream で見られます。


– Letter to Japanese PM Abe by Dan Marlin –
July 11, 2015, San Francisco, California
Dear Prime Minister Abe,
Recently, I spoke to a Japanese acquaintance about events unfolding in her home country. She personally witnessed the destruction of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake in 1995, and saw its effects on her friends in Kobe.That experience informs her feelings about recent disasters in Japan. Her feelings are not unique. I am conveying them to you directly because you need to know them.
“ The people of Kobe and Fukushima were both unlucky victims of natural catastrophes, who had assumed that their government would, in the hour of need, come to their aid swiftly and effectively. They had learned that it was the responsibility of the State to protect the well-being of its citizens. Watching the aftermath of the tusnami and the subsequent meltdowns at the Fukushima reactors, though, I was shocked to realize that the reality was the opposite. The Japanese government did not effectively come to the aid of the Fukushima survivors. Instead, the government’s confusion , secrecy and deception left the people of Fukushima more vulnerable to the losses they had already suffered, and trapped in pain and uncertainty.
Most Japanese are familiar with the effects of the radiation released by the nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The full measure of the radiation releases of the Fukushima meltdown, which is still out of control, are less well-known. This is primarily because of the secrecy and willful distortions of TEPCO and your administration. This lack of information about a great health threat makes me ask, ‘who is supposed to monitor radiation , if the government refuses to do so?’ You reassure the public and the world community , including the International Olympic committee, that the problem is under control, but your words are no longer trusted. Must individual citizens undertake this vital task of monitoring deadly pollution on their own?
You have forgotten that the victims are also Japanese, and that they continue to suffer. Your treatment of these victims makes me ashamed . Japan is treating its radiation victims worse than the victims of Chernobyl were treated. The Chernobyl plant was entombed and the surrounding city evacuated. The Fukushima survivors who remain and who want to leave are being hindered by your government. Those who have already left and do not wish to return are being coerced to do so by cutting off the funds they need to survive. Mr. Abe, do you know the names of the deceased residents of Fukushima? Do you know the names of radiation-exposed workers who were recruited by Yakuza, then conveniently disappeared into nameless anonymity, to fend for themselves when the health effects of their radiation exposure takes hold? The scholar and calligrapher Aida Mitsuo wrote, “ 自分にとって一番大切なものは自分のいのちなんだよ。だからすべての他人のいのちがみんな大切なんだよ.” The most important thing to you is your life. That’s why other peoples’ lives are also most important to them. If you feel this way you cannot ignore those suffering from fear of an unjust and forgotten death because of government inaction.
I am sad and angry to know that you have pushed through the restarting of nuclear plants which have been off-line since the aftermath of Fukushima. This is foolish and reckless and it defies the wishes of most Japanese. Who are you working for- the people, or the energy corporations? Japan is roughly the size of California, which has one remaining nuclear power plant, also built on highly dangerous earthquake faults. This is a looming threat to those of us who live here. Meanwhile, Japan in the last four years has met its power needs without nuclear power. Mr. Abe, stop the loading of fuel rods of at the Sendai plant in Kagoshima! Abandon plans to restart other nuclear reactors. Adequately compensate residents who wish to evacuate the danger zones around Fukushima. The Japanese government’s and TEPCO’s reporting of safe radiation levels must become transparent and consistent with international standards.We insist that you live up to your responsibility to serve and protect the children of Fukushima, whose increasing thyroid cancers need to be publicly documented by medical professionals, without government suppression of crucial statistics.
You will be remembered, Mr. Abe, for what you do now, when you have so much power over vulnerable people who are being swept under the rug. Think about it. Apologizing after the fact will be worse than meaningless.”
In my opinion, these comments from my Japanese acquaintance need to be taken to heart and acted upon immediately.
Sincerely yours,
Daniel Marlin
1936 California St.
Berkeley, CA. 94703
for Bay Area No Nukes Action

– reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada


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