7/11 Rally-Speak Out At San Francisco Japanese Consulate

On Saturday July 11, 2015 at 3:00 PM there will be a rally and speak-out to defend the family and children of Fukushima who continue to be contaminated. The Fukushima nuclear meltdown of three reactors has not been contained and thousands of tons of radioactive water continues to pour into the Pacific ocean. Speakers will be discussing the need to evacuate the families and children in Fukushima and also the growing danger of further nuclear meltdowns as the Abe government seeks to reopen the nearly 50 nuclear plants still in Japan.

They will also speak-out over the continued censorship being pushed by the government and a propaganda campaign in Japan that the Japanese can overcome radiation and the Fukushima can be decontaminated.
The government is also seeking to militarize the country and Asia by violating the Japanese constitution clause 9 that prohibits offensive war.

This is initiated by the
No Nukes Action Committee
(510) 495-5952

announced by NNA member Steve Zeltzer





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