6/11 Rally Report ・ 6/11 抗議集会、事後報告

Thank you, everybody, specially whoever attended to the rally

Our NNA 35th Anti-Nukes Rally went smoothly. The theme was ” Do not restart Japanese nukes-Saikado Hantai” . About 20 people attended. Steve Zeltzer, Dan Marlin, Paul Kangas and I had a speak out.
And Cecile Pineda wrote and read out loud the letter to PM Abe. The reading was theatrical and so good. The surprised attendants were a couple musicians. One of them is from Australia and he knows the situation of uranium mining in Australia and they are anti-nukes of course.They sang two nice songs.
We made sure we do not give up and continued to fight for decommission of all nukes!
n m l i

テーマは『再稼動.反対ーDo not restart Japanese nukes』でした。
g e j a

Letter to Pm Abe by Cecile Pineda (click below to open PDF file)



– reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada
2 Responses to “6/11 Rally Report ・ 6/11 抗議集会、事後報告”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    This was another excellent rally by a dedicated band of heroes! A great letter by Cecile, informative updates by Chizu and Steve, two sweet songs by Australian visitors, and the chants that reverberated across the edifices and streets to keep nuclear plants shut down. And, that goes for this country as well! Thanks again to Chizu for great organization and leadership, to Steve, Dan, and all others providing outstanding contribution and presence. I’m so proud of our efforts each month.

  2. k.delaney says:

    Thank you to your reliable comments and efforts also Jason

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