5/11 NNA rally will go on Monday at 3:00 pm

Japanese PM Abe visited here and flattered America with compliments and wagged his tail and left for Japan. He knew some people protested against him, but also many people welcomed him here.
He will continue his hard right wing policy.

He is working hard to bring the line of nuclear power plants back, and his pushing never been slowed down. One of many plants, Sendai, will be restarted in this summer. And he is changing the regulation which limits the years of operation of plants as 40 years to extend to 60 YEARS!
By the year of 2030, he wants 20-22% of nuclear energy among the entire energy, and only promotes renewable energy as 22-24% which much below among European countries.( Even France  has the plan 27% by 2020!)  The Ministry of Environment suggested that we can expand the alternative renewable energy up to 35 % by 2030, but the Ministry of Economy and Industry rejected this. PM Abe needs to hold on nuclear power so badly.

We will keep on protesting the policy of PM Abe.
 Please join us our 34th Monthly Anti-Nukes Rally on Monday,
May 11 at the front of SF Japanese Consulate
275 Battery Street San Francisco
Rally starts 3:00 pm and ends 4:30
Please bring your signs and wear something yellow.
written by NNA member Chizu Hamada

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