A report of the 33rd Monthly Rally on 4/11/15・4/11 月例抗議集会事後報告


Thank you for joining our NNA monthly rally in April.
About 20 people attended. And it was a beautiful day.
The attached is the letter to PM Abe written by Nick Thabit.
Also attached letter of protest on this day by Isam Kanno.
Click below to watch Ustream by Independent Web Journal, Genta Yoshikawa.
See you at next rally on 5/11!
4月11日の第33回月例抗議集会は、予定より少し早めに始まリました。約20人ほどの参加者でした。動労千葉の国際連帯事務局長の山本弘之さん、初めてのリック.バーナードさんも参加し、前者は安倍政権の傲慢さ、後者は福島事故から多くを学ばなければいけないことを強調しました。今回の安倍首相への手紙はニック.サービットさんが書きました(添付参照)。 (この日のイサム・カンノさんによる抗議文も添付しました。)インターネット中継は例により、Independent Web Journalのサンフランシスコ支局が受け持って下さいました。

– reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada

Letter to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by Nick Thabit
Letter of Protest by Isamu Kanno 

Fight for Anti Nuclear Plant action as for Anti Nukes, Anti War action too!
反原発の闘いを反核・反戦の闘いとして闘いましょう!All friends and Attendants!  お集まりの皆さん!
Please pay attention on to Asia!  アジアに注目してください。
Each Country has a lot of nuclear plants in Asia.  アジア諸国は多くの原発を持っています。

Japan has 50(all stop), S Korea25, China13(and under construction29), Taiwan6, India20.
日本は50(現在全てストップ)、韓国25、中国13(建設中29)、台湾6、インド20。The Japan is still in dangerous condition because the aftermath of Fukushima nuclear plant accident.

There dramatic increase of patients with infant or childhood thyroid cancer.

There are over hundred thousand evacuated people who still live in out of contaminated areas.
Now, Japan government coerces residents back into the dangerous areas.

The large compensation is more then 1.1billion dollars. But nobody took responsibility for nuclear plant.

Because for damping the contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. Radioactivity has been to the West.

高線量汚染水の太平洋への排出。ついに米国西海岸へ漂着。What even is worse, Japan makes re-starting and export of the nuclear power plant.

Why? Because it is not the energy issue, it is the national security issue on military.
なぜ? 原発は電力の問題ではなく、国の安全保障=軍事の問題だからです。

Japan has a lot of plutonium(for nuclear reactor, enrichment technology, and reprocessing technology)for making nuclear weapons and has missile technology for carry it.

Japan has been clarified that the operation of the nuclear power plant for 60 years also is used to obtain the status of “Potential nuclear power”.

Now, The Abe administration of Japan is thrown away “The war abandonment Article 9 of Constitution of Japan” and they will start going out anywhere and making that can fight with the U.S. military under the name of “Positive pacifism”.

Why is War now? U.S. Government makes new Military Base to Henoko at Okinawa Japan, Jeju Island at S Korea, Subic and Clark at Philippine.
なぜ今戦争なのか? 米国は日本の辺野古や韓国の済州島、フィリピンのスービック、クラークなどに新しく海外軍事基地を作っています。

The United States is even deepening the economic relationship with China, but on the other hand it signed the nuclear treaty with Japan and India and adopted the policy which contained China.

The Abe administration flaps the nationalism of anti China and hate Korea in inside of Japan, and creates “War regime” in answer to them.

Anti war!  Our 99% risk is our lives. They 1% make more profit. We don’t need Warmonger. We must create Peace.

戦争反対! 私たち99%にとっては命が懸かり、彼ら1%にとっては一層の金儲けが懸かっています。戦争屋はいりません。 私たちは平和を創るのです。Let’s take our hands together and fight for the anti-war movement. Thank you.

April 11, 2015

Sam Kanno, Los Angeles resident

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