As simultaneous action people will bring letters to PM Abe almost at half locations of Japanese consulates in the US アメリカにあるおよそ半数の日本領事館で、安倍首相への手紙が一斉に出されます

 Almost at half locations of Japanese consulates in the US, people will bring their letters to PM Abe as simultaneous action.
Thank you very much for your sincere letters and words to PM Abe. We collected 133 letters.
For detail look the web site Nick Thabit (Fukushima Response Bay Area) has created for the Fourth Anniversary Fukushima events.

No Nukes Action has been carrying out on the 11th of every month an anti-nuclear rally in front of the SF Japanese consulate.  And 3/11/15 marks the fourth anniversary of Fukushima meltdown, and our rally will mark the 32nd rally.

The March 11th rally will be joined by the FukushimaResponse (NorCal,BayArea,SantaCruzu,Davis,Ukiah), Tri-ValleyCAREs, Circle of Concern, Solar Justice Institute, OccupySF, Eclips Rising, Laborfest and by you with your letter. And thank you, Mothers for Peace, for sending many letters!

We will start our rally at 2:30 pm, half an hour earlier than usual on March 11,
you can watch this rally live on the internet at 2:30( Pacific time) at

We’ll read as many of your letters out loud as we can between 2:30-3:00 and 3:30-4:00.
Several people will speak between 3:00-3:30.
We’ll start our march at 4:00 to the headquarters of PG&E and demand the shutdown of Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.

Thank you so much for your energy, determination and time to abolish nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons from this world!
One person’s power is very little, but the united people’s power will change the world!


サンフランシスコでは,3月11日(水曜日)に毎回より30分早い2時半より抗議集会が始まります。福島事故から4周年のこの抗議には133人が手紙を書きました。  できるだけたくさんの手紙を声を出して読みます。参加者の皆さんは自分のを読みあげます。

場所は,もちろん、サンフランシスコ日本領事館前、275 Battery Street, SFです。2時半開始。 4時からはカリフォルニアでただ一つ稼動している危険なデイアブロキャニオン原発の廃炉を求め,稼動経営している会社まで行進を始めます。
参加できない人はインターネットでIWJ( Independent Web Journal)による中継が見られます。

原発と核はいらない! 第二の福島事故を起こしてはいけない! 声を上げよう!

– announced by NNA member Chizu Hamada


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