A report of the 29th 12/11 monthly rally

Three years drought and one day heavy rain storm. On that rainy day we had our monthly rally!

There was a power outage, and streets and parking lots were flooded in the City.

But about a dozen of people gathered at the front of Japanese Consulate. These people are truly the hard core people who never give up. Despite the unusual heavy rain, these people kept cheerful spirits and protested to the government policy.

Dan Marlin had written the great letter to PM, please see the attached one.

And Jason met Consul Hayakawa and handed her Dan’s letter at 3 pm today, Dec.12th

Again, even on a rainy day, Genta Yoshikawa of Independent Web Journal kindly broadcasted Ustream for our rally.


Thank you, everybody, for supporting our NNA rally!

I wish any nuclear power plants never restart in Japan and Diablo Canyon will be shut down soon!

And I wish everybody have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!

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そして、大雨にもかかわらず、Independent Web Journal(IWJ)の吉川元太さんがいつものようにUstreamで中継して下さいました。そのアーカイブリンクです。







12.11 a

reported by NNA member Chizu Hamada


One Response to “A report of the 29th 12/11 monthly rally”
  1. Jason says:

    Wow, what a rally! On the rainiest day of the year, during the occasion of a wide-spread power outage across several of the buildings and organizations downtown — including at the Japanese Consulate — the No Nukes Action Committee presented before the Consulate again. Earlier, due to the power outage, the Consulate had sent its employees home. Nevertheless, our small band of protesters, strong hearted, strong-voiced, led by Chizu again, showed up to give our own brand of radiation — radiating our thoughts, our intentions, our energies to keep the nuclear facilities in Japan closed, for similar facilities all over the world to close, and for the world to transition to greener, cleaner, safer energy sources. Chizu’s led the group in chants that reverberated throughout the City and gave her standard detailed update on the latest happenings. Steve Z. spoke again on circumstances and issues related to the latest happenings, and Dan Marlin’s short, pointed letter — a piece of good writing — punctuated the rally. We were wet, we were cold, but as Chizu mentioned, we keep a Good spirit inside, with powerful intentions. Another great rally headed by the “hard core” group! Best wishes to ALL in the NNA group for happy holidays!

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