11/11ラリー リポート




今回はIWJ(Independent Web Journal) の中継はありませんでしたが、12/11からはまたSF支局が中継をして下さいます。




Report of 11/11 rally

Hi everybody,

We started the rally with 3 people, but it ended up with about a dozen people all together. (And this was the lowest attendance ever for last two years and a half.)

The speak out were “Why we should not restart of Sendai nuclear plant?”, “How is it good the solar energy?”, and so on. And there were some poet reading. And Dan Marlin read it out Steve Zeltzer’s letter to Abe PM. There was no marching, and the Consulate was closed for Veterans Day, but we exchanged our thought and made sure we need to continue to protest against the government policy of nuclear.

Jason went to the Japanese Consulate and met Consul Hayakawa on 11/13, and he hand the letter to her directly.

We will have our last rally in this year on 12/11. Hope more than a dozen people attend!

IWJ (Independent Web Journal) Ustream will be resumed on 12/11.


Letter to Abe Prime minister by Steve Zeltzer

letter to Abe 11.11.14 (click here to lead)


written by NNA member Chizu Hamada



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