11.11 No Nukes Action Monthly Rally on November

The condition of Anti-Nuclear in Japan is facing the critical time. Because one of all idling plants, Sendai plants, is about approved to restart by the Governor  of Kagoshima Prefecture in which Sendai is located. Already many small tents were set on the front beach of nuclear plant and the building of  Kogoshima Parliament to protest. There is no nuclear plants are in operation now, but If this Sendai plant was restarted, the Abe governing party and nuclear industries would dash to restart the rest of all plants.

Japanese government won’t listen people’s voices. The evacuation plan is not perfect at all, but first of all why do they have to build anything need the evacuation plan ? We don’t need any more melt down plants anywhere. We must protest to Japanese government not to restart Sendai plant!

Please join:

The 28th monthly No Nukes Action Rally at San Francisco

Date and Time: Tuesday, November 11th,  3:00 – 4: 30 PM

Place            : SF Japanese Consulate, 275 Battery St. SF

5 blocks from BART Embarcadero station

Steve Zeltzer is in Japan, he will join us by writing the letter to Abe PM. Below is his letter for 11/11.

Hope sees many of you at the rally.

letter to Abe by Steve Zelter, 11_11_14-page-001


written by: No Nukes Action member Chizu Hamada



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