10/11/14 SF Action At Japan Consulate-Stop Plans To Re-open Japan’s 50 Nuke Plants

Monthly Speak-out and rally at San Francisco Japanese Consulate

Japan Consulate 275 Battery St. Suite 2100 SF
Saturday October 11, 2014 at 3:00 PM.

NNA will focus on the continuing radioactive leakage at  Fukushima and against the restarting of Japan’s 50 nuke plants.
The government continues to deny the growing cancer epidemic in Fukushima and Japan and has hidden the number of thyroid cancer surgeries.
We will also speak out against the militarization of Asia which the Abe government is supporting this and pushing censorship and the arrest of anti-nuclear and other political activists. This is being pushed by the Obama administration and both Democratic and Republican politicians who are pushing more bases in Jeju, Korea and a new base in Okinawa, Japan.
We need to unite all people of Asia and the US against this remilitarization and fight the danger of imperialist war.
All organizations and individuals are invited to speak out.
No Nukes Action Committee
For more information 510-495-5952


Written by No Nuke Action Committee Steve Zeltzer


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