Letter To Japanese Government August 11, 2014 by NNA Submitted at San Francisco Japanese Consulate

Dear Prime Minister Abe,

Today close to the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we believe that we are again facing a new danger of world war and nuclear radiation and suffering.
Your government continues to tell the Japanese people that they can “overcome” radiation and you are raising the radiation contamination limits. You also told the world community and the Olympic Committee that Japan had overcome the problems at Fukushima. The Japanese government and the world is now aware that far from containing the continuing crisis at Fukushima you are discussing the release of more radioactive water into the Pacific ocean by TEPCO. Is this what you mean by containment of the Fukushima catastrophe?
At the same time, there are a growing number of thyroid cancer surgeries not just in Fukushima but even in Sindai. Your government has refused to release the statistical information to the public about the numbers of surgeries. This continued effort to censor and cover-up the serious health developments is in fact a continuation of the Japanese government’s policy after the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdowns when the government refused to publicize where the nuclear plumes were located thereby allowing mothers and their families to actually walk directly into the radioactive plumes. Your government’s effort to tell the Japanese and the people of the world that you can overcome and “decontaminate” Fukushima is not credible yet you continue to put out the same story.
The No Nukes Action Committee and others are here today to let the American people and the Japanese people that we do not accept these statements and policies and we know that in fact there is a campaign of falsification going on. We call on you and your government to be held accountable. The cancers among the children and families of Fukushima continue to grow and the refusal of the government to fully fund the evacuation of children and families from Fukushima is another issue that concerns us and people throughout   the world. We need action now to address these issues which continue to proliferate   and the effort to silence anti-nuke activists in Japan by arrests and repression along with your recent passage of a secrecy law will not silence those who are putting truth to power.
We also oppose the continued effort to remilitarize Japan and Asia. This again will only benefit the war profiteers in Japan and around the world. Funding should be going to help the people of Fukushima and Japan who continue to suffer the affects of Fukushima.

(written by NNA member Steve Zeltzer)


One Response to “Letter To Japanese Government August 11, 2014 by NNA Submitted at San Francisco Japanese Consulate”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    This is another well-written letter — one of many by this dedicated band of actioners — which effectively recaps the central issues still at large related to the Fukushima plant reactors disaster. Steve does a good job highlighting the same problems that have persisted since the meltdown years ago. Continued radiation, a secrecy law that seeks to preclude discussion of these issues, various illnesses within the affected communities, the struggle to keep these plants closed, etc. On the 11th of each month, this little group gathers, sometimes swelling in numbers, before the Japanese embassy to relate these concerns once more. The Consulate used to receive letters such as these in person. But, perhaps seeing that there is real power in the right use of words, now the Consulate has, until this past month, foreclosed the opportunity for us to present this letter in person. Chizu had been sending it by mail, instead. Recently, Chizu had the opportunity to speak with various people related to the Consulate during an art show, and via her talents, has secured their agreement toward receiving the letter in person again — but not on the day of the rally. Perhaps, the Consulate will, in time, accept this aspect as well. A measure of credit should be given to the Consulate in seeking to find a common path in accepting the letter personally, again. But, this is not enough. So long as it remains the agency of the Abe government, it should, and will, continue to hear the complaints of Americans and Japanese alike regarding its nuclear policies, re-interpreting the Constitution toward reinstating an aggressive military, silencing discussion and analysis amid the Japanese people with regard to all these issues, and the misuse of its populations on a variety of fronts, particularly, toward nuclear waste and radioactivity affected areas.

    I’m proud to be part of these monthly demonstrations and remain a big fan of the resilient and wonderful nation of Japan, its strong and humble citizenry, and the beauty of its people and culture, though I, admittedly, have meager knowledge of such. Would like to learn more, though. Best wishes and blessings to this group of heroes standing before the Consulate each month.


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