No Nukes Action 11th of Monthly Rally on July

Hi Everybody,

The Japanese government approved the reinterpretation of the pacifist constitution on July 1st.

This change allows the use of the self-defence force on outside countries and is making  strong tensions between neighbouring countries.

The situation in Japan which is moving towards  militarism is deeply concerning to people in Japan  (over half of Japanese are against this change–by AP poll). Even a man set fire to himself in protest in Tokyo.

Again Prime mister Abe ignored the voices of majority of the citizens. I do not see any democracy in this process. And they have been and will be spending enormous money on the army.

But about 130,000 people are still continue to live in temporary housing elsewhere by Fukushima man-made accident.

And as the US NRC member who are visiting Fukushima stated that the reality is there are no technologies to resolve this (melt down reactors accident), Fukushima accident never be contained yet, it is the serious on going disaster.

There are 90 children diagnosed  thyroid cancer. The numbers of Innocent victims are clearly increasing.福島県の甲状腺がん-fukushima-children-thyroid-cancer-cases-spreading-to-their-lymph-nodes-and-lungs/

We must protest and condemn Prime Minister Abe and his government. We again write a petition/ protest letter to P.M. Abe and try to present it to a consul of SF Japanese consulate on 7/11.

You are welcome to join us. Please bring your own sigh if you could make, and wear something yellow if you have.


 The 24th No nukes Action 11th of Every Month July Rally

Date and Time : Friday, July 11th   3:00 – 4:30 PM

Place           : SF Japanese Consulate 275 Battery St., SF

(5 blocks from Embarcadero BART station)


See you there.

written by No Nukes Action member, Chizu Hamada

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