7/21 Forum-Video Nuclear Power, Repression And Education Workers Under Attack, Forum and the Film Decontamination

July 21 (Monday7:00 PM (Donation) 518 Valencia – near 16th St.
FilmWorks United International Working Class Film & Video Festival
Nuclear Power, Repression And Education Workers Under Attack
Forum and the Film Decontamination
The Japanese Abe government is pushing ahead with restarting Japan’s 50 nuclear plants and telling the people that they can “overcome” radiation and that Fukushima has been “decontaminated”.
The nuclear utilities are using their power and money to indoctrinate the students that nuclear power is not a real issue and the Japanese people have to accept these nuclear plants.
Japanese education trade unionists Minoru Nihonyanagi, president of Education Workers Caucus of National Coordinating Center of Labor Unions (NCCLU) and teacher Eriko Kojima will report on the growing attacks on education and how teachers are fighting back.
Teachers are speaking out against the censorship and against the government eliminating the Japanese clause 9, which prohibits imperialist war.
The US government and politicians here in the United States have actively sought to force Japan to dump its anti-war constitution and spend more on militarization and expansionism. They will talk about the fight against nuclear power, the growing repression of anti-nuclear activists and what the labor movement is doing to fight for the defense of public education and against nuclear power.
A film “Decontamination” will also be shown about these issues.
Endorsed by No Nukes Action Committee

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