Please join the protest to SF Japanese General Consul and government on Wednesday, June 11

Hi Everybody,

As you know, it seems Japanese government is pushing hard to go back to the militarism.
They passed the Japan Secrecy Law last year to control the inconvenient information and news for the citizens to be not known. And they reversed the law which we could not export any war weapon, so Japan can do that from April this year.
Now Prime Minister Abe and his governing party are pushing for the approval of Exercising the Right to Collective Self-Defence. If this get approved, Japan can join wars abroad. This has been prohibited by Article 9 of the Japanese constitution for about 70 years.
Failing to learn from the Fukushima accident, that nuclear power is damaging the human beings and the Earth, the government has concluded with its Basic Energy Plan, that nuclear power will be the base load for electrical power, and is rushing to restart many plants and also to export nuclear plants.
The SF Japanese Consulate is the representative of these Japanese policies and attitudes.
Until 2/11/14, a representative of the Japanese Consul personally received our letter to the Japanese Prime Minister. Since 3/11 however, they have refused to accept it in person, even refusing to receive it through the reception window and threatening the bearer of the letter with arrest as a trespasser. They demand that we mail the letter.
We mailed the letters for Japanese Prime Minister and also a sincere letter to the General Consul  to ask why they can not receive our letter in person. So far we have not received an answer.
There is something wrong. They are not sincere to the citizens.
This should not be how a government of the people should treat its citizens who are seeking to sincerely express their opinion.
So we are planning to protest to the  General Consul along with to the government. We will go into the lobby and sit there to demand that the consul accepts our letter in person.
Please join us on the 23rd 11th of Every Month No Nukes Rally
Date and Time : Wednesday, June 11th   3:00 – 4:30 PM
    Place           : SF Japanese Consulate  275 Battery St., SF 
                                   (5 blocks from Embarcadero BART station)
                                   Please note: they moved to this new location 3 month ago.
Our theme color is yellow, please ware something yellow.
Hope to see you there.
written by No Nukes Action member, Chizu Hamada

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