April 2014 安倍首相及び内閣復興庁への陳情書と日本総領事への質問状 A Petition to Japanese Prime Minister and Construction Minister

(以下をクリックしPDFファイルをご覧ください/click on below to see PDF files)

陳情書 04 2014 (Japanese)

A Petition to His Excellency Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Construction Minister Takumi Nemoto 04 2014 (English)

日本領事への質問状 04 14 2014 (only in Japanese)


One Response to “April 2014 安倍首相及び内閣復興庁への陳情書と日本総領事への質問状 A Petition to Japanese Prime Minister and Construction Minister”
  1. Jason N. Kamalie says:

    Another superb rally! Chizu, Steve, Umi and others each contributed to make it special once again. Steve’s report from Japan was informative and helpful in reiterating some of the long standing concerns regarding the Fukushima power plant disaster, and nuclear energy particularly. How do you reverse, for instance, any harmful radiation effects on biology? Can you wait radiation sickness out? The letter Umi wrote to the Japanese Consulate, who, again, refused to accept the letter personally to our great disappointment, was a piece of excellent writing and a precise, clear, and altogether eloquent restatement of the requests by this group and groups around the world who are deeply caring of the Japanese people, and the safety of world communities from the potential harms of dirty or harmful energies, like nuclear power. Great writing by Umi.

    Chizu, once again, led the whole rally with tremendous positive energy, sweet, but potent force for Good, and with the standard chants that resonate across the buildings and alleys of the location — along within the ridges of our minds and hearts. Shut down all nukes! Nobody in the area could miss our presence or mistake our message with that kind of energy and synergy brought to bear on the situation. Least of all, the Japanese Consulate. Like many, I have tremendous respect, if little knowledge of, the people, culture, and life aspects of Japan — and even aspects of Japanese governance. Like Chizu, and others at our rally, I am dismayed that the Consulate wouldn’t want to work with local Japanese and American communities to transmit our concerns back to Japan, the Prime Minister, and others. My understanding is such activity is precisely the Consulate’s obligation. To accept our written communications — excellent letters by Umi, Celeste, Chizu, and others — would be a rather basic requisite of the Consulate’s role. We would have expected better — and the kind of reception the Consulate honorably showed in the past in accepting these letters in person. We know the Consulate and the Japanese government are greater than this.

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