Fukushima 3rd Anniversary: Report from Berkeley/ San Francisco

-1(Photo by Wakana Kawamura)

We are compiling pictures that are sent from 11 Japanese consulates on the third Fukushima anniversary with a lot of appreciation and our Fukushima-fatigue (I know you are too!) brains! We would like to report back our coalition very soon, but meanwhile, here are some links (video by Genta Yoshikawa + IWJ at the bottom), to articles, and the translation of Chizu Hamada’s reports from San Francisco! 日本語はコチラ!

(Umi Hagitani)

It’s been three years since the Fukushima nuclear accident.
Some of us participated in the silent vigil held by the members of Fukushima Response Bay Area. We dedicated 20 minutes for the victims in Fukushima. The sun was very bright.
We all headed towards the Consulate General of San Francisco after the vigil. This is our 20th monthly rally against nukes. We called for an action across the US to have an action simultaneously at consulates and an embassy.  The result was a coordinated action at 10 consulates and one embassy. Prior to this action, Ms. Hayakawa, the consul at San Francisco, who walks down to the pedestrian road to meet with us told us via phone that she would not come down this time, and it was an order from Tokyo to any embassy and consul across the US. She also says that he cannot make an appointment to receive our letter, and she could only receive our petition letters via snail mail. At 2:15pm, we still attempted to ask at the ground floor security that our representative would like to get in with our photo id. Security promptly called the consulate, and told us that somebody will come down so we could wait for him at the lobby. 15 of us lined up and waited, but then after 45 minutes, nobody came down to see us. We called the consul directly, then we were forwarded to his voice mail. We left a message that we will wait, keep our gathering, and would wait for his phone call.
No phone call after half an hour. Why did she say that she was going to come down or send somebody in the first place? Did she mean anything?
We are not terrorists, but just wanting to hand some petition letters. Why weren’t we allowed to enter, and be told to wait so she will meet…which was a lie or just sheer rudeness. Herresponse lacks honesty.
But this is what Japanese government does to its citizens all the time. When they smell something, they just cover it up. This doesn’t mean that our anger has no place to go. We must be angry, and we shall not be silence. We need to raise our voice and say it is wrong.
Fukushima victims are the survivors of this Japanese government and nuclear industry. It is a matter of life, but our government does not see and cannot even determine any connection between children with thyroid cancer and this ongoing nuclear accident. This is injustice. We could only fight.
After 30 minutes of demo, we tried die-in action for the first time. Please see the video.
There were 80 people who joined us. Thank you for all who joined. Thank you for all who supported us from afar. Thank you. There were poems, music, die-in, and march…a variety of action gave our gathering such a power. No Nukes! No Restart! Save all the children!
The 20th Every 11th of Month No Nukes Rally in San Francisco, 3/11/2014 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/44797683
(Chizu Hamada)

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