March 8th: International Women’s Day at Golden Gate Bridge/ 国際女性デーは金門橋で!

あなたも、参加しませんか? 青いスカーフか青い服を来て参加して下さい。

San Francisco, CA

March 8 – The Golden Gate Bridge will host Code PinkFukushima ResponseNo Nukes Action and friends.
From Kabul to Fukushima to San Francisco.
International Women’s Day
3rd Anniversary of Fukushima
Afghan Women for Peace

10:00am: Rally at Bridge Plaza, SF side
11:00: March on eastern walkway, from SF or Marin, Converge in middle
Noon: Honoring Women Activists around the Globe, past & present, SF side





Let us shut down our internal nukes,
until we shut down our external nukes

March 11, at 12 noon: Please join us for a silent meditation and prayer, remembering Japan’s victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, on the third anniversary of the meltdowns.  Bring candles, good wishes and outdoor attire: we will convene in Civic Center Parkand form a circle on the grass.  We will speak a few words then sit silently for 20 minutes, then have a discussion.  Later, after lunch, join us at the protest/letter reading at San Francisco’s Japan Consulate at 3 pm. Contact:

時 : 3月11日,火曜日 午後3時から(4時半まで)
場所: サンフランシスコ日本領事館前(50 Fremont Street SF) 集合
             BART, Embarcadero駅から歩いて2分
    3時50分からMarket St をUnion Squareに向けて行進致します。

子供を守ろう! 再稼動反対!


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