SUPPORT THE PEACE WALKERS AGAINST NUKES! The Third Anniversary of the Ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Above: Some walkers participated in the Bean Soup Literary Mural Project by the Precita Eyes in 2013 on 16th and 17th St. (between Alabama and Harrison St.) in San Francisco to commemorate now irradiated Pacific Ocean.

For the third anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima Disaster, Reverend Sawada and concerned activists from the Bay Area, Japan, Switzerland, Hawai’i will be walking from Santa Barbara to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo. We will walk in solidarity with all people who are affected by the accident, nuclear testings, and global nuclear military industrial complex.

The Bay Area activists will join Reverend Sawada from Vandenberg Air Force Base on March 7th. We need your kind support in transportation and shelters for 4 walkers in the course of the following schedule:

3/7: The Bay Area crew arrives in either San Luis Obispo or Lompoc Amtrak station.

3/8 We walk from Vandenberg towards Guadalupe.

3/9 Stopping point day before to Arroyo Grande.

3/10 Arroyo Grande to SLO. (Alima might leave from SLO due to work)

3/11 Prayer/vigil at Diablo Canyon during the day. If we do not get permission to have PG&E, we will pray at the gates. 3/11 Evening event at the Steinberg Gallery in downtown San Luis Obispo at 6PM. We will show a movie on Hibakusha/ Fukushima.

If you are interested in walking with us, or if you know of anybody who could volunteer to support the walkers by providing transportation or shelter, please contact Umi Hagitani of No Nukes Action Committee at 917-774-4079 or

The walkers from the Bay Area will give a report back on May 3rd, 2014 at Berkeley Public Library West Branch. This potluck event will start from 2:30pm, including report back from activists who visited Fukushima and Taiwan. Details to be announced at

Reverend Sawada Gyosen is a Buddhist monk of the Nipponzan Myohoji sect, a small Nichiren Buddhist order that is known for being actively engaged worldwide in the peace movement.

Reverend Sawada was born and brought up in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan but has been residing in the U.S. since the 90’s, practicing at the Myohoji Dojo in Boulder, Colorado and Los Angeles, California. Because of his ties to Fukushima, he is also personally dedicated to the anti-nuclear cause and believes that “all things nuclear, from weapons to power generation have caused misery and suffering to humanity – we must end this cycle.” As a monk, his way is through prayer and he has participated in not only the larger walks but smaller, independent personal walks.


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