No Nukes in India!: Pradeep Indulkar’s “High Power” Screening + Talk Schedule

A film director Pradeep Indulkar is vising the Bay Area between March 14th to March 18th with his film on anti-nuclear power movement in India, “High Power”. We will update screening schedule as well as his talk and media appearance here:

SCHEDULE CHANGED: Due to travel plan changes, the first screening of Pradeep Indulkar’s High Power in Rockridge on March 13th is canceled. Here is the finalized schedule:
Friday, March 14th
7PM at El Qilombo (2313 San Pablo Ave, Oakland) $5-10 suggested donation to support the director!

Saturday, March 15th
7PM at Roble Hall Theater (374 Santa Teresa St. Stanford, CA 94305)(The event is free of charge and is open to the public. Please ask your friends to send RSVP to

Sunday, March 16th
7PM at Lydia’s Sunflower Center (1435 North McDowell Blvd. Suite 100 Petaluma, CA 94954)
Contact for more info

Tarapur Nuclear Power Project is India’s first civil nuclear establishment came in existance around 50 years ago, displacing few villages near town named Tarapur. Once a protagonist visits those villages Dandi, Pofaran, Ghivali, Unbhat and Tarapur after 40 long years. He observes the situation of thousands of displaced people. He finds that they lost their traditional jobs and they did not get any new jobs, they lost their lands, homes and sea and they didn’t get proper compensation neither they got the promised services and infrastructures like roads, water, electricity, medical facilities, schools etc. etc. Instead they got illness and unknown deceases. The high blood pressure and heart attack cases increased. Kidney failure and miscarriages and still births and complicated delivery cases increased. Impotency increased in newly married couples. The kids below 5 years are suffering by mental disorders. Their IQ is low. In few villages people got migrated in other towns and cities due to these problems.

When he reaches home he realises how a common man who stays in city, waste the electricity, which is produced by encroaching lands, homes, jobs and freedom of thousands and thousands people. He realises that he only pays the bill of power he uses but the real cost of power is paid by those unknown and innocent people.

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