Feb 11th: Filmsreening “The Ultimate Wish” at Environmental Youth Forum/ 映画The Ultimate Wish上映会

2/11(火) に、California Film Institute主催で、Smith Rafael Film Centerにて、Environmental Youth Forumがあります。Peace Walkや、社会変革のための文章づくりワークショップなどを主催するLouise Dunlapさんと、No Nukes Action Committeeの萩谷海で映画Ultimate Wishの上映と、高校生を中心としたディスカッションのファシリテートをします。核問題以外にも、環境問題について考える映画やディスカッションがあります。ふるってご参加ください。

Tuesday Feb 11th, at Smith Rafael Film Center, there will be Environmental Youth Forum. With Louise Dunlap, a facilitator for peace walks and writing workshops for social change, and Umi Hagitani will show the Ultimate Wish, a documentary that shows connection between Fukushima evacuees and 1945 a-bombs survivors, then co-facilitate discussion amongst high school students. Come join us, and please message Umi (at amnioticfluid@gmail.com) if you were interested in tabling at the event! We will outreach high school students with our exciting 2-sided resource list (containing links from Navajo Birth Cohort Study to Hanford Rally video footage, Godzilla, Disney propaganda to Leslie Marmon Silko books…), and we would like to make it into a model of education…. http://www.cafilm.org/education/eyf.html

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