July 11th, Our 12th No Nukes Rally! Make Your Wishes Upon a Star!!

Hi Everybody,

We are preparing for the next rally on 7/11 (Thursday).
We will bring the decorations of Bamboo live stems with leaves. 7/7 is the Japanese traditional
cultural day which kids and adults write the wishes on colorful papers and attach these on bamboo
branches. We believe these wishes come true if we do this on 7/7 (and 7/11,,,).

Please come on time(3 PM), so you have time to write your wish on paper, we’ll attach your papers on the bamboo.

At 3:40PM Consul Iwata will come down to the side walk. I talked him and when I said I really appreciate he comes down each time, he said amazingly ‘Please don’t mention it." I almost felt he supports what we do.

This time Shizuko Mclarty wrote the petition to PM. She also made the english version,too.
Please take a look the attachment.

We are planning to walk on the Market Street to PG&E after met with Consul Iwata.
We need the visibility and demand to shut down the Diablo Canyon Plant.

And a good news, Genta- san should be there to Ustream the Rally!

See you there. Chizu

To Prime Minister or Japan.doc


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