Invitation to the Monthly Anti-Nukes Rally on May 11th, for Fukushima, for the US

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The election of the LDP Abe government has meant an increased push for more nuclear power and the re-opening of the remaining 50 nuclear plants in Japan. This is a dire threat to the people and survival of Japan and the people and environment of the world is growing. It is clear that the lessons of Fukushima have been ignored by the Japanese government and nuclear and utility industry that are intent on continuing the operation of these deadly and dangerous plants regardless of the costs. The push by the government to burn nuclear waste in all prefectures in Japan is a clear example of this as well as the growing repression against anti-nuclear activists.

We can also say that there is also no emergency program to develop alternative energy either in Japan or the United States and California. There is still  no requirement that all new construction include solar energy panels and feed into the energy system. This is because the governments both in Japan and the US are controlled by the privately owned nuclear utilities and industry. We also know that these same governments are allowing the contamination of thousands of nuclear plants workers in Japan, clean-up workers and the community where there are cancer clusters and epidemics which have been covered up the the government and the controlled mainstream media.

This also means that we must continue the education campaign and break the information blockade by the corporate controlled media. There is almost no reporting in the major newspapers and television in the United States that Fukushima is still leaking radioactive water and other material.

It is also the fact that the US government and President Obama, former secretary of state Clinton are demanding that Japan continue with it’s nuclear operations and the International Agency For Atomic Energy Agency IAEA are telling the people of Japan that they can “overcome” radiation and that Fukushima can be “decontaminated” and people can move back to within four miles of the plant.
This dangerous propaganda is unfortunately not be actively opposed by the majority of Japanese people who are undated with continue information that the situation is “under control”.
We need to work here to demand that US Congress People and representatives oppose the re-opening of Japanese nuclear plants and also that they support the closure of San Onofre and Diablo Canyon plant in California. We need to get our voices out to tell the truth to the American and Japanese people that the closure of these plants is a matter of life and death and that alternative energy sources must be developed as a high priority for the survival of the planet.
NNA will also be having a conference later in the year on the issue of radiation and what it does to people to challenge the ideology that is being put forward by the US and Japanese governments that human beings can “overcome” this. Please write stories and information. While we do not have the control of the mainstream media we still have our voices and the internet.
Our actions on every 11th of the month are one concrete action that individuals can take to make their voices speak out publicly.

In Solidarity,
Steve Zeltzer
NNA Committee


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