A Letter to PM Abe, from an Evacuee from San Francisco to Fukushima フクシマからサンフランシスコへの避難者より、安倍晋三首相へ


4/11/13 Stop Restarting Of Japan NUKE Plants

Stop Restarting Of Japan NUKE Plants
START DATE: Thursday April 11
TIME: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location Details: 50 Fremont St. San Francisco
Every 11th of the month, activists rally and speak out against the restart of Japanese nuclear plants despite the lessons of the Fukushima meltdown. This month we will also demand that Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration stop pushing Japan to restart their fifty nuclear plants.
Two years after the meltdown, the “clean up” continues with breakdowns and the Abe government continues to push with US Obama support to re-open the 50 remaining nuclear plants in Japan.
The Japanese government is also pushing to burn nuclear rubble around the country and is refusing to allow for the evacuation of the children and people of Fukushima. In fact the Japanese government and the IAEA is telling the people of Japan that they can overcome radiation and the Fukushima area can be “decontaminated” and that people should move back to within four mile of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown.
They are also arresting and harassing anti-nuclear activists in arrests around the country. The Japanese government is making a clear effort to silence the truth about the continued dangers.

An evacuee from Fukushima to San Francisco wrote the following letter, so we would like to share with you before we share it with the consulate or with the PM himself.


A Letter of Request to Close All the Nuclear Power Plants in Japan

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,
For a long time, we had been told that nuclear power plants are absolutely safe.

As a person who was born and raised in Fukushima, I questioned and suspected its safeness, but apathetic because they told us it is safe. I did not seek out its safeness. Probably, that had been how it was for many Fukushimans until the March 11th of 2011.

A day after, on March 12th, we saw that silent explosion on TV. In the following days, we had three explosions. Edano, the Chief of Cabinet Secretary of Japan, in his blue work jacket repeated, “It’s safe, No immediate danger to human bodies or their health.” The spokesperson from Japanese Nuclear and Industrial Safe Agency continued on his poor explanation on Fukushima Daiichi. We saw no Tepco representatives on TV. What we needed was an immediate release of information regarding the radioactive contamination. The government could have protected the lives of residents , but you have abandoned us.
We were unpleasantly astonished by your irresponsibleness, and became anxious.

Nuclear power plants are never safe, but extremely dangerous. The radioactivity due to Fukushima is the twin brother of those a-bombs dropped upon Japan, but this is hundreds times more toxic than those two bombs. They lied to us that we need all of these 54 nuclear power plants in this small archipelago on earthquake faults, because we need to generate electricity and peace. Even without any accident, contaminated air and ocean water pollute every element on Earth. Tens of thousands of years will this radioactivity survive. We cannot wait for many nuclides’ half lives. Nor we can allow ourselves to pass this everlasting exposure onto the generations after generations. Fukushima was chosen because it was available for depopulation, and this dangerous plant was built with an exchange of grants for our local communities.

It was implemented under this scheme called comprehensive total cost; the more nuclear power plants they make, the more profit they get. This is a scheme where, consumers pay all the costs as electricity bills. Nuclear power plant workers are over-irradiated at the very place, and will be disappeared in the dark when they die. Only sacrifice can generates the nuclear power. Nuclear wastes keep pooling without anywhere to go.  Who do you think to live in the Earth when we know that it is going to be full of radioactive waste? Have you thought about leaving your children and grandchildren a place where they can live safely, peacefully in health? Restarting and promoting more nuclear power plants means that you want to bring an end to the entire humankind.

This bomb on Fukushima must be our last time to be irradiated. We now know that generating nuclear power was wrong and should have never happened. We can admit it and should be courageous to stop. Japan must lead the world to abolish nuclear power.

April 11th, 2013

An anonymous evacuee from Fukushima to San Francisco
Californians in the Bay Area against Nukes
No Nukes Action Committee (nonukesactioncommittee@gmail.com)


日本国総理大臣 安倍首相殿








及び No Nukes Action Committee (nonukesactioncommittee@gmail.com)

2 Responses to “A Letter to PM Abe, from an Evacuee from San Francisco to Fukushima フクシマからサンフランシスコへの避難者より、安倍晋三首相へ”
  1. Eden R. says:

    dear sirs,
    Would you mind telling me how to send a letter of request to our Prime Minister Abe?

    • Umi Hagitani says:

      Hello, Eden.
      Sorry for our delayed answer.
      We would recommend that you look for the nearest consulate General of Japan, and mail your letter to PM Abe there.
      The Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco is located at 50 Fremont, San Francisco!
      Thank you for your work!

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