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san onofre
From Barbara George of Womens Energy Matters:

Californians seeking to forestall nuclear catastrophe on our coast will gather at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in San Francisco, Tues. Jan. 8th for the first hearing in the San Onofre Investigation. Women’s Energy Matters (WEM), the Coalition to Decommission San Onofre, No Nukes Action, and others are calling for the CPUC to choke off funds for continued operations of Edison’s San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and require shareholders to pay for Edison’s new steam generators, which it recklessly redesigned to produce more power.

WEM, an intervenor in the proceeding, is calling for the Commission, Edison and SEMPRA to consider this an opportunity to advance a genuinely clean energy agenda, utilizing energy efficiency, local solar, other renewables, and storage technologies. CPUC’s own figures show the state has a large power glut — 50% more than we need, even with both San Onofre and Diablo Canyon shut down. This should ease the transition. The grid operator can continue to do without San Onofre as it has done for 11 months already — using only minimal additional resources.

San Onofre’s two monster reactors have been shut down since January 31, 2012, after one of four nearly new steam generators sprang a leak and sent radiation into the immediate neighborhood, which includes the famous surfing beach “Trestles,” Camp Pendleton, Highway 5, and former Pres. Nixon’s western White House at San Clemente.

The Commission promises to investigate the causes of the outage and the costs of the plant, starting with the steam generator replacement and projecting into the future, including further repairs or replacement efforts. CPUC must weigh the need for Edison to revise its business plan against the possibility of disruption to California’s economy, its electrical system, and the lives and livelihood of 8.5 million people who reside within a 50-mile radius of the reactors between Los Angeles and San Diego. Possible losses include the busiest port in the nation, a large part of the country’s food supplies, and some of its priciest real estate — which could fall within “exclusion zones” like the ones around Fukushima and Chernobyl if something went wrong in a restart of San Onofre.

Unlike in Japan where the prevailing winds blew most of Fukushima-Daiichi radiation out to sea, the ocean breezes in Orange Co. tend to blow inland, where they would trap radioactive smog in LA’s notoriously dirty air.

Edison has been silent about the future of the reactor that leaked radiation, but is pressing the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to let it restart the other one at 70% power for 5 months and then shut it down for an inspection. Independent nuclear experts warn that this is foolhardy, since both reactors have experienced far more degradation in their new steam generators than any other nuclear plant, and there’s no evidence that running it at lower power would solve the vibrations that caused the original damage.

When: Tuesday, Jan. 8th, hearing at 10am, press conference around noon
Where: Front steps of the CPUC, 505 Van Ness Ave., SF (at McAllister – kitty-korner from SF City Hall)


時間: 1月8日の午前10時から(公聴会) 午前10時以降お昼までは外でラリー 昼頃にはプレス・カンファレンス
場所: California Public Utilities Commissionの階段前 505 Van Ness Ave., SF (at McAllister サンフランシスコCity Hallちかく)
連絡: 萩谷海 (917.774. 4079 および

カリフォルニア州南部にあるサンオノフレ原発は、全米104基ある原発の中で、事故の数、作業員へのハラスメントの数が一番多い危険な施設です。3基ある原発のうち、2基は点検作業などのために停止していましたが、去年1月31日に蒸気ジェネレーターへの不備が見つかり、3号機も現在停止せざるを得なくなりました。現在は、名目上「緊急停止」の状態が長引いています。冷却水漏れも見つかっている中で、事故および安全性の調査、調査結果の開示と、廃炉および3000トン近い使用済み核燃料についての議論が先延ばしになっています。福島事故以来、米国原子力規制員会は調査を行って来ましたが、プラントの持ち主であるSouthern California Edison社およびCalifornia Public Utilities Commissionは徹底的、廃炉決定の議論を開始するまでに2年かかるなどと、サボタージュを繰り返しています。今回は初めて、公聴会において、調査に関する発表と廃炉に関する議論が行われます。南カリフォルニアで福島級の事故が起これば、周辺840万人が避難生活を強いられるばかりか、101号線、アムトラックなどの主要幹線が影響を受けます。北カリフォルニアに住む私たちが、CPUCなどのオフィスや政府機関などと一番近いので、ここはベイエリア住民として、ぜひ力を合わせ、公聴会に参りましょう。朝一時間早めの9時にくれば、一分間スピーチの時間が与えられます。日本語と英語の通訳の必要な方は、公式の通訳を付けることができます(または、No Nukes Action Committeeとしてサポートいたします)。

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