Fukushima Collaborative Clinic Opens!

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LINK TO CLINIC WEBSITEhttp://blog.nazen.info/?eid=463

The Community Clinic Chieko Shiina envisioned and raised funds for during her Summer 2012 California Tour has opened its doors! An opening reception was held on November 23rd, and the first physical exams were performed December 1st. Steve Zeltzer of No Nukes Action Committee spoke in solidarity to celebrate the opening:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Omedetou gozaimasu (Congratulations!)

We join with you today to congratulate your work in building the Fukushima Community Clinic. We just received reports that in recent surveys, 42% of the children of Fukushima have thyroid disorders and this continuing healthcare crisis is being covered up by TEPCO, the utility industry, and the Japanese government. The Japanese government, as you know, continues to fail to provide for the immediate evacuation of children and families and is also engaged in a campaign to force refugees to return to within 4 miles of the plant.

We will work to oppose the policy of the US government and US operations like the Center for Strategic and International Studies which are operating in Japan to propagandize people that you can have “decontamination” of the area, and that Japan and the nuclear industry can “overcome” the danger of these nuclear plants.

We understand that there may be serious efforts made to shut your clinic and prevent it from carrying out the healthcare work and survey of cancer and other diseases caused by the disaster. We stand with you in your efforts and will educate and alert working people in California and nationally about this important endeavor and how they can support it and defend it if it comes under assault.

We are excited that you have taken the initiative and made concrete efforts to defend the children and people of Fukushima. Pleaes keep us fully informed of the work of the Clinic and how we can help make it a full success!

In Solidarity and Gamboro,

2 Responses to “Fukushima Collaborative Clinic Opens!”
  1. Great job everyone, and thanks for this article.

  2. Dear Madames, dear Sirs,
    I would like to come in contact with You.
    Please send me an answer over my email address.
    Very best wishes from Germany
    Anna Elisabeth Bach

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