[from Umi Hagitani]   No Nukes Action Committee and other groups and individuals against nukes will protest at the Japanese Consulate in downtown San Francisco on December 11th at 3pm… [50 Fremont Street, near Embarcadero BART].  For the past four months, we’ve focused on appealing to Japan’s Prime Minister Noda.  This time is different!  We will protest the City of Osaka’s decision to incinerate radioactive rubble at its Maishima  incineration facility …  The City has already burned debris as a test, on November 27th.   People in Osaka are expressing their concern and need our support.


[The Maishima Incineration Plant in Osaka, architectural design by Friedensreich Hundertwasser]

Many evacuees from the North East are now in Osaka due to fear of radiation.  For people in the North East and in Tokyo, food products from the less contaminated West Japan have been a life line. 

Moreover, the incinerator plant was designed by an anti-nuke architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.  In the downwind area of this facility sits Universal Studio Japan, where families and children from all over Japan visit.  We are urged to express our concern against this inhumane and undemocratic decision of Osaka city.  We do not need more contamination and exposure to radiation.  Niigata prefecture made a brave decision to keep rubble from Iwate concealed and returned it back to Iwate upon request.  So should Osaka.  Osaka is the capitol of great cuisine, culture and diversity.  As citizens of its sister city, San Francisco, we urge Osaka city to immediately stop the incineration of radioactive debris, and return it to whence it came in the safest way possible. 

今まで、No Nukes Action Committeeは、原発を止める意思を同じくする人々とともに、毎月SF日本領事館前で抗議行動を行いました。過去四回は日本の野田首相に向けて署名やメッセージを提出してきました。今回は、大阪市の橋下徹市長に向けてメッセージを送りたいと考えています。大阪市は、11月29日から27時間にわたり、経済的復興などの目的も兼ねて、放射能以外の有毒物質も含む東北からのがれきの「試験」焼却を始めました。放射能を恐れ、東北から多くの人々が自主避難をし、大阪市の人々もがれき焼却に反対しているというのに、です。また、東北や関東地区の人々にとっては、西日本の汚染程度の低い食品が命綱であります。また、今回試験焼却をした焼却場は、かの反核美術・建築家であったフンデルトワッサー氏がデザインした舞州焼却場です。また、大阪をはじめ、全国の子どもや家族が利用する娯楽施設ユニヴァーサル・スタジオ・ジャパンは、この焼却場の風下に位置しています。私たちは、大阪市が下した、この非民主的な被ばくの拡大決定を大変憂います。私たちはこれ以上の被ばくを望みません。新潟では、住民の意思をくみ、岩手からのがれきを返却する英断をしました。大阪は食と文化、多様性と、笑いの都です。大阪の姉妹都市であるサンフランシスコ市の住民として、私たちは、大阪市に東北からのがれき焼却の即中止と、がれきの安全な密閉と返却を要求いたします。

Sign the Petition to Stop the Incineration of Radioactive Disaster Debris in Osaka!

Friedensreich Hundertwasser once thought to enrich the urban landscape
of Osaka by putting his own particular stamp on the city; to make an
urban eyesore, a waste treatment facility, into a thing of beauty. How
horrified would he be today, as a staunch anti-nuclear activist, to
know that his beautiful facility was contaminating the citizens!
Now Osaka’s sister city of San Francisco, CA via No-Nukes Action
Committee, is stepping in to ask you to get involved. Here are the
Since the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and
the subsequent explosions and meltdowns of the three nuclear reactors
at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, there has been an effort to
decontaminate the worst areas around the plant within the 20km radius.
Most of this area has been found to be more contaminated than the land
around Chernobyl. In 2012, Goshi Hosono, Minister of the Nuclear
Disaster as well as of Materials, Economy, Trade and Information, made
the statement that all of Japan “has to share the pain of Fukushima.”
Few suspected at the time just how literally he would make this
Mr. Hosono decided to ship the highly contaminated rubble to every
corner of Japan for incineration in municipal waste centers, which
were obviously not equipped to deal with radioactive waste. The
burning of this waste is spreading radioactivity everywhere, all over
Japan and even to other countries as the radioisotopes rise into the
jetstream and travel the air currents around the globe (approximately
once every 40 days or so). Not just radiation but toxic chemicals of
all kinds, none of which have been cataloged, are being burned and
spread everywhere as well. This toxic radioactive pollutant could
spell the end of Japan; people all over Japan are already getting sick
from radiation and three of the workers at incineration plants have
dropped dead of heart attacks soon after the burning of the debris;
Cesium, a radionuclide released in the burning, lodges in the heart
muscle and destroys it.
This program of burning radioactive waste everywhere will put an end
to the culture and way of life of Japan. Put your voice forward and
say NO! to this madness. Please sign this petition addressed to
Mayor Toru Hashimoto of Osaka and demand the rights of health and
safety for the citizens of Osaka, and for yourself.
* * * * *
Petition Text:
To:  The Honorable Toru Hasimoto, Mayor of Osaka,
We, the undersigned, hereby demand that the City of Osaka immediately
cease the incineration of radioactive waste from Fukushima Prefecture,
and never again burn radioactive waste of any kind, from any location,
at any facility located in, or near, Osaka, Japan. We demand that all
radioactive waste presently stored on-site at Osaka municipal waste
plants be shipped out immediately to other locations for storage.
demand that you, Mayor Hashimoto, stand with the citizens of Osaka
against the decrees of Minister Hosono, and that you come to
understand that your commission as Mayor is to protect the health and
well-being of your citizens from any and all threats, no matter where
they originate
Signed, _____________________.


  1. Admin says:

    There’s no link to the petition above

  2. 中峯翔 says:

    No nukes!!

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