Nov 13: WOMEN’S ACTIVISM AND POST 3.11 JAPAN/ 3.11以降の女性運動

11月13日UCバークレーにて、3.11以降の女性運動という題材で講演会が開かれます。スピーカーは福島大学の後藤宣代さん、後藤 康夫さん、ジャーナリストの藍原寛子さん、静岡農民連の杵塚歩さん、11月11日のSF日本領事館行動でもご一緒いただく、コードピンク・ジャパンの尾川寿江さんです!ぜひご一緒に参りましょう!



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November 13, 2012 4:00 pm
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IEAS Conference Room
2223 Fulton Street, Sixth Floor University of California, Berkeley

Keynote Presentation

Women and Youth Leading the Grassroots Movements in Post-3.11 Japan

Yasuo Goto, Fukushima University
Nobuyo Goto, Fukushima Medical University

Post-3.11, many activist movements emerged from numerous corners of Japan. Some describe this as the beginning of a new type of civil movement and democracy, as many of the activists are youths and women, widely utilizing the internet to promote their cause. However, large media outlets have not captured their efforts for the world to see; therefore, this talk will address the women involved in these “untold reform movements” among Japanese society.

Fall of Mainstream Media and Rise of Citizen Centered Independent Media

Hiroko Aihara, Freelance Journalist, Fukushima
Fight Against Radiation Contamination as a Family Farmer in Solidarity with Consumers

Ayumi Kinezuka, Shizuoka Family Farmers Movement
Grassroots Women’s Actions for Peace and a Nuclear Free World

Hisae Ogawa, Codepink Osaka
Free and open to the public • Wheelchair accessible


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