Report: October 11th Protest at Consulate General of Japan 10月の日本領事館前デモのレポート

On October 11th, 2012, No Nukes Action Committee had its monthly protest at the Consulate General of Japan for the third time! Kai Hasson made a beautiful flyer, which gathered about 30 people from all over the Bay Area. Nuclear Free California, SF Occupy, Fukushima Response, Social Justice Committee, and many who read our Bay-Spo ad joined! Our supporter, a filmmaker Michiko Kurokawa commented:

Anti-nuke protests in the US have been quiet since the summertime, when people in the US held protests simultaneously with the mass protests in Japan. But this SF action creates a community that holds people together now, so people can talk about their anger and anxiety since Fukushima, or about nuclear energy in general.
It seems that people who were at the protest expect to participate in a long-term anti-nuke struggle. I was quite impressed by Ms. Akiyo Kawabata who talked about the severe health conditions of Fukushima children, Ms. Fusako DeAngelis who shared that the US pressured Japan to reverse its decision on the complete abolishment of nuclear power, and Mr. Paul Kangas, who spoke about solar energy. I also noticed some changes in the attitude of the consul. He took more time to have a conversation with us. Fusako asked if the consulate staff members ever talk about the petitions and demands that we submitted. The consul said that he was not able to disclose the details, but admitted he had spoken about the matter with his colleagues.

We will have two more protests at the Consulate General of Japan (50 Fremont, San Francisco) on November 11th, and December 11th from 3PM!

毎月恒例となった、10月11日の日本領事館前デモにお越しいただき、ありがとうございました!Kai Hassonさんによる素敵なフライヤーを通して、Nuclear Free California, SF Occupy, Fukushima Response, Social Justice Committee, anti-nuclear community in Bay area、および8月以降のベイスポでの呼びかけを御覧頂いた方など、約30名が参加しました。今回は現地でフィルムメーカーとして活躍し、No Nukes Action Committeeのデモにも駆けつけてくださる黒川通子さんにインタビューをいたしました。

1. この抗議デモを毎月定期的に行い始めて、今回で三回目ですが、毎回参加されている通子さんは、どのような変化を感じますか?
2. とくに印象に残ったスピーチなどありましたか?
今回はいろいろな観点からのスピーチが出てどれも印象に残るものでした。福島の子どもたちの健康被害を訴えたあきよさん、日本政府の原発ゼロ政策に対して米国政府が圧力をかけた件について話した風砂子さん、ソーラーパネルのことを話したPaul Kangasさんがいらっしゃいました。
3. 在サンフランシスコの日本領事は、毎回呼びかけに応じて歩道まで出てきていただいていますが、今回は?
この抗議デモは年末までの11月11日、12月11日の二回、在サンフランシスコ日本領事館(50 Fremont, San Francisco)にて、午後三時より行われる予定です。また来月お会いできますように!
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