Monthly Protest at the Consulate of Japan: October 11th!! 毎月11日の原発反対集会:SF日本領事館前


11th of the Month No Nukes Rally at SF Japanese Consulate

原発は、安全で必要であると言う嘘を信じてしまったからでしょうか? わたしたちがこれからできることは
  場所:SF日本領事館前(50 Fremont St SF)
                BART  Embarcadero駅から歩いて2分

11th of the Month No Nukes Rally at SF Japanese Consulate

We know Japan and the world cannot afford another Fukushima melt-down.
In solidarity with the 200,000 people who demonstrate in Tokyo every Friday night to pressure Prime Minister Noda.
We need to demand at rally
*to keep all nuclear plants in Japan closed
*to shut down re-started Ooi nuclear plant
*to not re-start any under-construction nuclear plants
*to protect and evacuate all children in Fukushima
*to compensate fully all people in contaminated area
*to remove the spent fuel from fukushima #4 nuclear plant
*to shut down Rokkasho-mura reprocessing plant
*to protect all sub-contract workers at fukushima nuclear plant
*to prosecute Japanese Government and TEPCO officials involved in the Fukushima accident
*to not export nuclear plants
*to not dump radioactive materials abroad
And as  Californians, we must demand to shut down San Onofre and Diablo Canyon nuclear plants !
Please bring No nukes signs.
      Date & Time: Thursday October 11, 2012  3 PM to 4:30 PM
      Place          : San Francisco Japanese Consulate, 50 Fremont St/Mission St
                          BART access: Embarcadero
  The press conference and rally is initiated by the No Nukes Action Committee.
  Please contact :

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