911:The Monthly Action At Japanese Consulate!

9/11 Stop The Re-opening Of Japan’s 50  NUKE Plants
Join The Monthly Action At Japanese Consulate September 11, 2012 3:00 PM To 4:30PM
Japanese Consulate
50 Fremont St/Mission St. San Francisco

Stop The Re-opening Of Japan’s 50  NUKE Plants
Can We Afford Another Fukushima On The Ring Of Fire?

Please join the monthly action at the San Francisco Japanese
Consulate to call for the halt of plans by the Japanese government and
nuclear/utility industry to re-open the 50 remaining nuclear plants in Japan.
No Nukes Action Committee which opposes nuclear power in Japan, in the US and around
the world calls on all concerned people to join this lobby and focus on the need to
protect the people of Japan and the world from another nuclear meltdown.
Please contact us if you want to support this campaign.

2 Responses to “911:The Monthly Action At Japanese Consulate!”
  1. Anti Nuclear Drum Protest EVERY MONDAY 6pm Elysee Palace PARIS
    Manif Anti Nucléaire chaque lundi soir Palais de l’Élysée Paris

    Tokyo Protesters encirle Tokyo Prime Minister every week Friday evening






    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 19.9.2011

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 11.6.2012 Misao Redwolf

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 22.6.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 29.6.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 2012.6.29 Misao Redwolf

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 13.7.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 16.7.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 20.7.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 29.7.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 3.8.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 10.8.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 17.8.2012

    Tokyo Osaka Anti Nuclear Protest 24.8.2012

    Tokyo Anti Nuclear Protest 31.8.2012

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