8/23 Speak-Out At California Public Utility Commission-Shut San Onofre Nuclear Plant Down

8/23 Speak-Out At California Public Utility Commission-Shut San Onofre Nuclear Plant Down

Close The NUKE Plants Now-End The Boondoggle

Speak-out and Press Conference
9:00 AM Speak-out at CPUC Commission
10:30 AM Press Conference in Front of State Building
Thursday August 23, 2012
California State Building Auditorium
505 Van Ness St./Across the street from SF City Hall
San Francisco

Community, labor and anti-nuclear activists will be speaking out at the California Public Utility Commission on Thursday August 23 at 9:00 AM. They will call for a full study of the economic cost of the San OnofreNuclear Power station which has been shut down temporarily due to massive health and safety problems including leaking radioactive water from faulty tubes at the plant. We want the plant closed permanently and for the utilityto pay for the costs instead of the ratepayer.The chair of the Commission Michael Peevey still refuses to do a full study of the economic costs of this shutdownand the utility controlled commission has forced the people of California and rate payers to pay over$20 billion for the construction and maintenance of the two nuclear plants in California.Southern California Edison which is the major owner of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant wants rate payers toalso pay over $60 million for earthquake studies to keep the plants open.The people can no longer afford to subsidize the nuclear industry and instead needs to have a major programfor alternative energy sources including solar.We are also demanding the removal of all utility controlled members of the commission including chair MichaelPeevey who has taken international trips paid for by the utilities and is an executive from Southern California Edison.

Initial List Of Speakers will include
Ace Hoffman, San Clemente Green
Gene Stone, Residents Organized For Safe Environment (ROSE)
Umi Hagitani, No Nukes Action
Barbara George, Marin Clean Energy Committee
To get on the speaking list sign up electronically the night before or before the meeting starts.
Initiated by No Nukes Action Committee
For more information nonukesactioncommittee@gmail.com
or Call 917-774-4079
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  1. CaptD says:

    Give ’em hell…
    Most of my comments are listed here:

    Feel free to use any and or all!

    Salute to all those that can speak!

  2. CaptD says:

    You need to add a Tweet button, I tweeted this story!

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