Thank you! Over 700 Signatures were submitted to the Consulate General of Japan on Hiroshima Day!

We thank everybody who supported the Hiroshima day action on August 6th at the Consulate General of Japan. Over 200 people gathered in both at the Consulate General of Japan and the PG&E headquarter to demand nuke free world! The action was joined by Tri-Valley CAREs, Green Action for Health and Environmental Justice, Occupy San Francisco, and many activists and individuals from SF, Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Union City, San Jose, and Livermore. We chanted, danced, sang, and marched! We gathered over 700 signed petitions to the consul who kindly came out to the pedestrian road outside of the consulate.

Our demands are:
*Keep All 50 nuclear plants in Japan closed
*Stop the Lies and Denials About the Dangers of this catastrophe
*Compensation & Evacuation For All Children and Adults in Fukushima
*Protect All The Workers including sub-contractors and defend the immigrant workers at these plants
*Stop The Dumping of Radioactive materials In Mongolia and Other Countries
*No Export of Contaminated Food
*Criminal Prosecution Of Japanese Government and TEPCO officials involved in lying and not properly protecting the people of Japan and the World

We feel strong urge to keep our demands, and decided to hold 4 more protests this year. On the 11th of each month, we will meet at the consulate at 3PM sharp to keep submitting the petition. Mark your calendar!

We would like to share the news coverage and footage from the Hiroshima day.


Chizu Hamada + Umi Hagitani speaking of rally at KPFA’s Morning Mix with Steve Zeltzer

News coverage:
“On 67th anniversary of bombs in Japan, nuclear energy challenged” (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

“On 2012 Hiroshima Anniversary-Keep Japan NUKE Plants Closed-March & Rally at SF JPN Consul”

「核なき世界」求めデモ NY、サンフランシスコ(共同通信)

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