Report: June 22nd, Stop Restarting Oi Reactor and Hell No to the Rubble Burning! 6.22 日本領事館前行動のレポート

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On June 22nd, No Nukes Action Committee held an action in front of the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco,  in response to  Japan’ decision to restar Oi nuke reactor and continuing burning of radioactive rubble on June 22nd at Consulate General of Japan. This was a follow-up international solidarity action. Following is the original message delivered by Hideyuki BAN, Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center (CNIC), Kanna MITSUTA, FoE Japan, Aileen Mioko SMITH, Green Action Daisuke SATO, No Nukes Asia Forum, Akira KAWASAKI, Peace Boat, Kaori IZUMI, Shut Tomari.
6月22日に、No Nukes Action Committeeは、サンフランシスコの日本領事館前で、日本政府の大飯原発再稼働とがれき焼却に反対するラリーを行いました。この行動は、その前の週にグリーン・アクションのアイリーン美緒子スミスさん、Friends of the Earthのみつたかんなさん、No Nukes Asia Forumの佐藤大介さん、ピースボートのかわさきあきらさん、Shut Tomariのいずみかおりさん、CNICの伴英幸さんによって呼びかけられた国際連帯行動です。

Our demands to the Japanese government are:
1. Repeal the decision to restart Oi nuclear reactor in Oi town, Fukui.
2. Immediately stop the incinerati of radioactive rubble from North East, which is also contaminated by other toxic materials.
3. Shut down all the nuclear reactors permanently.
1) 大飯原発再稼働決定の撤回
2) 東北からの放射性(以外の化学物質も含む)汚染されたがれきの全国への拡散と焼却
3) 全ての原発の永久廃炉

The action was joined by individuals and activists from Fukushima Fall Out Awareness NetworkEcological Options Network,Greenaction for health and Environmental JusticeFukushima Response, The Raging Grannies Action LeagueTri-Valley CAREs, and Occupy San Francisco.We held a peaceful rally, picket, and speak-up session including some evacuees from the North East of Japan. Thank you so much for all the supporters to this action, and let’s keep raise our voices!
このアクションには、Fukushima Fall Out Awareness NetworkEcological Options Network,Greenaction for health and Environmental JusticeFukushima Response, The Raging Grannies Action LeagueTri-Valley CAREs, and Occupy San Franciscoなどの団体や、個人の方々が参加してくださいました。東北から避難してきた参加者の方によるスピーチもありました。 来てくださった皆さん、応援してくださった皆さん、ありがとうございます。引き続き続けていきましょう。


San Francisco No Nukes Action Committee

Dear San Francisco Japanese Consulate General,

The disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan continues despite the efforts to keep the real threats secret from the people of Japan and the world. Children and the residents continue to be contaminated and the plant # 4 could still collapse in another major earthquake with thousands of used nuclear rods giving off even greater contamination. The closure of all the 54 nuclear plants in Japan was a result of anger by the people of Japan and the growing knowledge that they cannot afford another Fukushima disaster. Despite these horrific dangers that threaten the very existence of Japan, Prime Minister Noda and both major political parties are pushing for the restarting of two nuclear reactors in the Japanese town of Ohi. 日本や世界中の人々が、最悪の事態が起こらないように努力してきたにも関わらず、日本の福島第一原発事故は収束に至っていません。子供たちや周辺住民はこの間ずっと被ばくをし続け、四号機も、地震がきたらすぐに脆く崩れてしまい、使用済み核燃料棒がさらに多大な汚染を起こすでしょう。日本の54基の原子炉を全て停止できたのは、他ならない人々が、もうフクシマの悲劇があってはならないとと怒り、自分たちで知識を求めた結果です。日本自体の存在が危ぶまれるようなこの危機において、野田首相と大きな政党は、またおおい町の原発二基を再稼働させようとしています。

This is not only an issue for the Japanese people and environment. The Pacific ocean has now become polluted with cesium and other nuclear materials which are still pouring into the Pacific ocean from the rivers of Fukushima. Japanese government is also pushing radioactive rubble to be incinerated all over Japan.  Tuna caught off the coast of California have been found to contain radiation. The Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) have also been completely silent about their responsibility for the contamination of the entire Asia Pacific region. これは日本人と環境問題だけではないのです。 いまだにフクシマから大海に流れ出している、そして日本全国で焼却されているがれきから出るセシウムと放射性物質によって、太平洋にが汚染されてしまったのです。カリフォルニア側では放射能汚染されたマグロが検出されています。日本政府と東電は、アジア太平洋海域での汚染について、口を閉ざして、責任を取ろうとしません。

At the same time, the government of Japan has refused to even evacuate the children of Fukushima despite the continued radioactive contamination and a likely cancer epidemic. We must speak out to stop the restarting of these plants and demand that the Japanese government evacuate the children and people of Fukushima who want out of this contaminated area. Also workers at the plant continue to be contaminated.た、放射能汚染が続く中、そしてガンなどのし疾患が見込まれるにも関わらず、日本政府はフクシマの子どもを避難させていません。私たちは原発の再稼働を絶対にゆるしません。そして日本政府が子どもたちと周辺住民が汚染された地域から避難できるように要求します。

While we are taking this action at the Japanese Consulate in San Francisco on June 22, the US government and the Obama administration continue to tell the people of California and the United States that the two nuclear plants in California at San Onofre and Diablo Canyon are safe and that the taxpayers should continue to subsidize the nuclear industry. We reject these policies and views and the lesson of Fukushima is that there is NO Safe Nuclear Power whether in Japan or the 104 nuclear plants in the United States. We demand that the Japanese government not re-open the Ohi plant and any other nuclear plant in Japan, and stop burning radioactive rubble.

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