Never Restart Any Nuke Reactor in Japan! Hell No to Burning Rubble too!大飯原発の再稼働に反対!がれきも燃やさないで!6.22の午後三時にSF日本領事館前に集合!

TODAY!! June 22nd at 3PM to 5PM! Come join as the Rally/Picket against the Oi Reactor Restart + Burning Radioactive Rubble! (50 Fremont, San Francisco)
This will be co-sponsored by Fukushima Fall Out Awareness Network, Ecological Options Network, Greenaction for health and Environmental Justice, Fukushima Response, The Raging Grannies Action LeagueTri-Valley CAREs, and Occupy San Francisco!

No Nukes Action Committee will hold an action to protest Japan’ decision to restar Oi nuke reactor and continuing burning of radioactive rubble on June 22nd at Consulate General of Japan. This is a follow-up international solidarity action. Following is the original message delivered by Hideyuki BAN, Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center (CNIC), Kanna MITSUTA, FoE Japan, Aileen Mioko SMITH, Green Action Daisuke SATO, No Nukes Asia Forum, Akira KAWASAKI, Peace Boat, Kaori IZUMI, Shut Tomari.

Dear Friends,

The Japanese Prime Minister Noda has announced his decision to order
the restart two nuclear reactors in the town of Ohi in the prefecture
of Fukui in Western Japan. He also claimed that nuclear energy will
remain an important source of energy for Japan also in the future,
thereby reconfirming Japans nuclear energy policy.

Despite all our efforts, despite the strong resistance in the region of
Western Japan surrounding Ohi, and despite the fact that a majority of
the Japanese people is against nuclear power, the Japanese government
is bowing to pressures of the nuclear lobby in Japan. We have tried
hard on our own, but now we believe that coordinated international
pressure on the Japan government is essential to bring on real and
substantial change. We believe that the Japanese government and the
Japanese public will react very sensitively to international pressure,
so we wish to ask you for your support to initiate and coordinate
international protest against the Japanese government.

Specifically we suggest the following action within the following days
(preferably on Wednesday to Friday this week / June 13~15, 2012):

1. Please assemble in front of the Japanese embassies in your capital
to voice your protest against the decision and policy of Prime Minister

2. Please try to submit a letter of protest -addressed to Prime
Minister Noda- to the Japanese Ambassador in your country and request
the Japanese Ambassador to forward this letter of protest to the
Japanese Prime Minister

3. Please try to seek coverage of this action by your local and
international media, especially Japanese media, as well as on the

4. Please give us notice about your planned action, so we can organize
a press event in Japan to reinforce your message to the Japanese

Please note that we wish these protests to be absolutely civil and
peaceful, and to fully observe the sovereign rights of the Japanese
embassies abroad.

A draft letter of protest is attached, so you just need to sign it.

We thank you for your support.

Japan, June 11th, 2012

Hideyuki BAN, Citizens¢ Nuclear Information Center (CNIC)
Kanna MITSUTA, FoE Japan
Aileen Mioko SMITH, Green Action
Daisuke SATO, No Nukes Asia Forum
Akira KAWASAKI, Peace Boat
Kaori IZUMI, Shut Tomari

Please watch people’s testimony against Oi reactor.

On June 22nd, we will gather at 3PM in front of the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco. (50 Fremont Street, Suite 2300、San Francisco, CA 94105)

We will give letters and petitions to the consulate of Japan at 4:30.

Please contact for the detail.

If you CANNOT attend, please support us…
1. tweet or post this article or our facebook event page:
West coast downwinder + downstreamer communities coordinate action on the same date!
Portland, OR:
Los Angeles, CA:
2. make this photo (“ABSOLUTELY AGINST THE OI NUKE REACTOR RESTARTING!”) your social media profile with the link to our facebook event page (
3. open your laptop or bring your camera, and shoot your anti-Oi restarting video.
like this:

4. send an email with your name and your email to sign to the letter of protest. Or send this directly to the consulate with your own letter of dissent. (Consular Section) (Visa Section) and (Cultural Section)

One Response to “Never Restart Any Nuke Reactor in Japan! Hell No to Burning Rubble too!大飯原発の再稼働に反対!がれきも燃やさないで!6.22の午後三時にSF日本領事館前に集合!”
  1. Fukushima Response Bay Area VIGILING/FLYERING today BLACK Fri Nov 23 in SF. Meet 5:30 at the Macy’s entrance that faces Union Sq. We’ll be wearing white Hazmat suits and we have extras! (nearest BART-Powell)

    FRBA MEETING this Wed. Nov 28 at 4pm in the Hal Justice Center at BFUU
    (meeting upstairs on Bonita next door to the historic Hall which is @ 1924 Cedar, Berkeley. No wheelchair access this week. Sorry, and let us know asap if this affects you and we will change location. 595-5575) FRBA is in coalition with FR Northern Ca:

    Welcome! Want to banner the Berkeley pedestrian bridge with us? And/or join Fri pm candlelight vigils as thousands in Japan protest.

    Evolving Mission statement:
    1. Mobilize objective international experts to stabilize Fukushima now 2. Illuminate adverse nuke effects on Ca and the world 3. Express solidarity with the Japanese people

    We also support Protests at the Consulate of Japan 3 PM to 4:30 PM on the 11th of every month:
    50 Fremont St/Mission St, SF (nearest BART-Embarcadero)

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