No Nukes In Berkeley! Write, Call, and Attend the June 19th Rally and Council Meeting! バークレーは原子力にNo!と 言い続けよう!6月19日のラリーに向けて

Berkeley has a historical connection with the world nuclear renaissance through academia, labs, and corporations. But the city also has a history of winning, where people contested the danger of nuclear power and weapon making. They created Nuclear Free Zone, for example in 1986. But then, the city has been trying to repeal part of this, and trying to be more pro-nukes. No Nukes Action Committee supports the anti-nuclear resolution in Berkeley! (Read #46)  Come join the campaign to say no to radioactive Berkeley, and please come also to speak up at the Berkeley City Council meeting on June 19th!
バークレー市は国立ローレンス・リバモア研究所、UCバークレーや様々な企業などを始め、世界の原子力ルネッサンスを率先した歴史を持ちます。しかし同時に、人々が原子力と核兵器の恐ろしさを問いかけ、たたかって、勝ってきた歴史もあります。たとえば、1986年にNuclear Free Zoneという区画設定もしました。しかし、現在バークレー市は、この素晴らしい歴史を覆すような、後退的な原子力産業取引を行おうとしています。No Nukes Action Committeeは、バークレー市の反原子力決議案 (#46をお読みください)を支持します。六月十九日にまた決議が行われますが、ぜひその前にバークレー市議にメールなどで決議案への支持表明をし、ぜひ6月19日のお仕事帰りにでも、ラリーと市議会ミーテイングにいらしてください!

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Location: City Council Chambers; 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr., Way (short walk from Downtown Berkeley BART)
Time: 7 PM Berkeley City Council meeting starts with a rally out front starting at 6:00 PM.
Bring signs.
If you wish to speak, please prepare a one or two minute comment. If more than 10 people wish to speak the comment you make can only be 1 minute long.
If you don’t wish to speak, please stay around for the actual comment period as it is okay to give your time to another person who may wish to extend their comment time. Your presence is important!
There are council members who are supportive, but many have not made up their mind.  Great comments could make a difference!  The council allows kids to make comments, too!
City Council meetings can go for hours.  Be prepared to sit through any number of other agenda items before the resolution comes up.
日時: 6月19日火曜日 午後6時からラリー 午後七時より市議会のミーティングに合流
場所:City Council Chambers; 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr., Way (short walk from Downtown Berkeley BART)
・手ぶらでも結構ですが、目立つために「Yes! to the Anti-Nukes Resolution!」あるいは「No Nukes!」などと書いたバナーなどを持ってきてもいいかもしれません。目立つ格好やおしゃれも素敵だと思います。

See the original news posted on Nuclear Free California website:
Download the flyer to spread the word:


 The Berkeley City Council will vote on a resolution

calling on Governor Brown to

Close Californ

ia nukes!

Let the Council know the world is watching

Write, Call, and Attend the Rally and Council Meeting

Tuesday June 19, 2012 6:00 PM

Berkeley’s City Council (BCC) has rescheduled a vote on the anti-nuclear resolution before it for June 19th.  Rather than the short  notice we hadprior to 5/29 there is now more time to get people out for this important vote.  Please email Berkeley City Council members — even if you don’t live in Berkeley. Call them too if you are in Berkeley. It takes less than a minute to send a message directly from this page. (See below.)  Though Berkeley is a Nuclear Free Zone, this is a surprisingly controversial vote for the Council because one of its Members, a scientist who has been affiliated with Lawrence Labs and known to sign his correspondence, “Radioactive and Proud,” has been speaking out in the press against Berkeley’s Nuclear Free Zone provisions.

The resolution asks Governor Brown to direct the PUC to decommission the Diablo Canyon and San Onofre nuclear power plants and initiate renewable power generation. It was unanimously adopted by the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission. See full resolution, synopsis and link to supporting documents below.

What you can do:

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