Appeal to Fund a Japanese Delegate Ms. Chieko Shiina’s California Anti-nukes Tour!

Last year, No Nukes Action Committee coordinated a state-wide anti nukes educational conference focusing on media with activists and scholars from New York, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia. We also coordinated two Japanese delegates from Miyagi and Fukushima to visit San Clemente with Nuclear Free California to help support anti-San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) campaign on the first anniversary of Fukushima.

We are currently campaigning to coordinating a California-wide anti-nukes tour in July with an anti-nuclear activist Ms. Chieko Shiina of Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power. She is from Kawamata town Fukushima, the founder of Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power, who organizes “Women’s 10 months and 10 days sit-in” in front of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, which is also known as Occupy Tokyo/ Kasumigaseki. In order to make this tour successful to we need your supports in co-sponsoring of events, fundraising opportunities for her expense during this trip including flights/ car/ gas money, volunteers for driving and interpretation, and places to stay. Our co-sponsor for this tour includes: Ecological Options Network, Labor FestMothers for PeaceThe Peace and Resource Center of San DiegoResidents Organized for a Safe EnvironmentResource Center of Non-ViolenceSan Jose Peace and Justice Center,  Tri-Valley CAREs, and Women’s Energy Matters. Please let us know if you have any question, advise, or offering for co-sponsoring or for funding. Thank you for taking your time and consideration.

Japanese Delegates Made Impact to San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in March
   Delivering row voice of Japan will first decommission the nuclear silence of communities, and then give each community practical strategies to fight against nuclear renaissance. For the first anniversary of Fukushima in 2012, two Japanese delegates from Miyagi, and Fukushima visited San Clemente near San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) to support the local communities with coordination of Nuke Free California. Two Japanese delegates, a mother of two and a father of one, became activists who organize locally to demand Tepco, Prefectural government including school boards safety including through contamination monitoring of air, soil, water, and food, as well as compensation and support for evacuation including outside of designated evacuation zones. Given the occasion, multiple media covered this visiting, and local activists were also able to speak up and educate the public. In response to this visit, local activists formed a citizen-led monitoring network within 50 miles radius of SONGS. This international networking pressured the former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Dr. Gregory Jaczko, to hold a private meeting with local activists on April 6th, and to acknowledge that SONGS’s safety is not confirmed. The community is succeeding in withholding SONGS from re-operating as of May 29th, 2012, for four months after its temporal shut down.
>> Link to March 10th San Clemente Community Center
>> Link to March 11th Shut Down SONGS action

Who is Chieko Shiina?
   Inviting Ms. Chieko Shiina will be the next crucial step to advance this already established international coalition into California-state or even national level organizing because she is one of the most powerful organizers from Fukushima. Being a youth activist in famers’ and students’ organizing for land issues and fight against US-Japan Peace treaty, she is an experienced activist who understands the mechanism and the legacy of nuclear renaissance in relation to multinational militaries in the context of East Asian politics. She was an organic farmer in Kawamata town of Fukushima before March 11th. Since Kawamata is in 40 miles radius of Fukushima Daiichi, the entire town was recommended to evacuate, and the place is still a no-go zone. She became anti-nukes organizer since then, formed Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power, touring communities all over Japan to help support local organizing against nukes. One of her major contributions to Japan’s national anti-nukes organizing is that she organized the sit-in in front of the Ministry of Economy and Industry from September 11th, 2011. Further, she organized 100 women from Fukushima to set up “Women’s 10 months and 10 days sit-in” from late October, along with other prominent groups such as Hairo Action, Green Action, and Kodomo Fukushima. This later became both a symbolic and physical space where women from all over Japan came to communicate and organize. Her previous experience in organizing in different issues also helped making coalition among anti-base, anti-poverty, pro-labor, pro-farmer resistance. This sit-in is also now known as Occupy Kasumigaseki, Tokyo, which Occupy Berkeley group made alliance with. Given that, she will be a good support for organizing against nuclear weapons in California, and a bridge to connect the emerging coalition between anti-nukes struggle and Occupy movement.

>> Link to Fukushima Women Against Nuclear Power Website

>> Link to her videos

>> Link to articles where she is mentioned

Itinerary (We need a co-sponsoring groups and individuals, please let us know)
( ) are our co-sponsors for the location
July 6th : Delegate arrives in LAX
July 7th : San Diego (The Peace and Resource Center of San Diego)
July 8th : San Clemente (Residents Organized for a Safe Environment)
July 9th : Los Angeles
July 10th : San Luis Obispo (Mothers for Peace)
July 11th : Santa Cruz (Resource Center of Non-Violence)
July 12th : San Jose (San Jose Peace and Justice Center)
July 13th : Marin County (Women’s Energy Matters, Ecological Options Network)
July 14th : Sonoma County
July 15th : San Francisco (Labor Fest, Circle of Concerns)
July 16th : San Francisco (Labor FestTri-Valley CAREs)
July 17th : Free Day
July 18th : Free Day
July 19th : Delegate leaves from LAX or from SFO

Please Support Us!

We need funding ($3000+) for:
– Flight money for Ms. Shiina (if anybody can donate flight milage, please let us know)
– Flight money for Umi Hagitani from SFO to LAX on July 5th or 6th
– Car rental fee from LAX to SFO (About $1000)
– Gas money
– Food

Funds must be sent to:
the tour care of Labor Video Project
P.O. Box 720027
San Francisco, CA 94172

**Residents Organized for a Safe Environment and The Peace and Resource Center of San Diego offered $500 each, and Tri-Valley CAREs offered $100 of donation.

Volunteers are needed for:
– Accommodation for Ms. Shiina and Umi at each location
– Co-driver for each location with Umi Hagitani
– Co-interpretor for each event with Umi Hagitani
Spread the word about this tour! Let us know about your endorsement!

Umi Hagitani and Telephone (917) 774-4079
Steve Zeltzer Telephone (415) 867-0628


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