4.6 Occupy Good Friday- At the Gates of Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab 国立リヴァーモア・ラボでの核兵器や原子力の研究・開発に反対する集い

Our ally Tri-Valley CAREs invites us to the upcoming event on April 6th sponsored by Tri-Valley CAREs. We’re planning to carpool, please talk to 311bayarea@gmail.com Tri-Valley CAREssは4月6日に国立リヴァーモア・ラボでの核兵器や原子力の研究・開発に反対する集いを開きます。車に乗り合わせて現地に向かいたい方、311bayarea@gmail.comまでご相談ください。

Friday, April 6, 2012  6:45 AM (gathering), 7 AM (worship followed by procession), 10 AM (community gathering)
Occupy Good Friday- At the Gates of Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab

We will join the Ecumenical Peace Institute and Livermore Conversion Project for the annual Good Friday march and demonstration at the gates of Livermore Lab to call for an end to violence and nuclear weapons.

Location: Vasco and Patterson Pass Roads, Livermore (gathering and march), Afterwards, about 10AM, community gathering to share our work and actions at Ashbury United Methodist Church, 4743 East Ave. Livermore
More Info: (510) 655-1162 or Ecumenical Peace Institute Website

On our March 11th event in SF, Marylia Kelley from Tri-Valley CAREs spoke about truth about nuclear weapons that are manufactured in the Liver More Lab and risks. Tri-Valley CAREsのMarylia KelleyさんはLiver More Labで作られている核兵器について話しました。


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