March 11th SF Event Report 2/ Poetry(311 SFでのイベントレポート 詩の朗読)

On March 11th, after the action at Bechtel, we carried a potluck and created an evening to remember Fukushima. Here are videos shot by Kevin Pardo.
3月11日にベクテルでの行動を終えた後、フクシマをおぼえる持ち寄り夕食会とプレゼンテーションを行いました。Kevin Pardoさんによるビデオをご紹介します。

Organizers  fromCircle of Concern, Watanabe Toshiko, Maureen Hartmann, and Dan Marlin read poems. Circle of Concernの、わたなべとしこさんと、Dan Marlin氏、Maureen Hartmann氏による詩の朗読。

The opening poem is written by a farmer, Arata Maeda in the opening:
Amid invisible terror, we were witnesses


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