Initiative to Shut Down CA Nuclear Reactors:カリフォルニアの原発を廃炉に!

The No Nuke Action Committee is organizing to support the campaign to shut down the two nuclear plants in California at Diablo Canyon and San Onofre including supporting the initiative to close the plants. You can download the petition from the link below to spread the word in your own community.

No Nukes Actionはカリフォルニア州にある二つの原子力発電所(ディアブロ・キャニオン原発とサン・オノフレ原発)を廃炉にするためのイニシアチブ(州民法案)を支持します。上記のリンクで署名用紙をダウンロードし、周りの人々に広めることができます。

One Response to “Initiative to Shut Down CA Nuclear Reactors:カリフォルニアの原発を廃炉に!”
  1. San Onofre has been shutdown for 24 days now due to unusual generator problems, yet they say we can’t live without Nuclear Power. I don’t know about you, but my lights are still on. Let’s give them a little People Power on M11.

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