Bring your plan + Network for 311 events!: 311企画ミーティング

No Nukes Action will have a planning meeting specifically to plan actions and supporting plans for coming March 11th, the first anniversary of on-going Fukushima nuclear disaster due to the earthquakes due to North East Japan last year. There are plans to invite mothers and children from Fukushima throughout CA (LA, San Onofre, San Luis Obisbo, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco). Also teach-ins, film screenings and protests being organized at other places too. Come to our planning meeting next Saturday! Because No Nukes Action is hooked with California Nuke Free Coalition, you can get information about your nearest organizers, or you will be the one to start! It’s open for anybody! Bring your own plan or connect with other people to support more organizing!
On Feb 25th, we will meet at Caf AuCoquelet (2000 University Ave, Berkeley, CA) at 3PM.
Download the flyer from here (Thank you, Maureen!)
See the multi-lingual global calendar of 311 action.

私たちのグループNo Nukes Actionは、原子力ルネッサンスに反対して5/7から活動を続けてきたごく小さなグループです。それぞれのメンバーが出来ることを持ち寄って集まり、これまでは日本領事館前、ベクテル社前での抗議行動、SF州立大学での教育討論会、講師をおまねきしての映画上映会や、原子力に抵抗するイベントなどでのスピーチなどを行ってきました。

311の予定はお決まりでしょうか? ベイエリアでは、Occupy SFがBechtel社の壁に反原発映画を投映しようという話や、アーティストの人がエキシビションを開いたりするようです。

また311以降にはFukushima, Nevera AgainおよびAtomic Momなどの上映会も考えております。

2月25日(土)の3時から、Cafe AuCoquelet の奥のほうの部屋です。住所は2000 University Ave, Berkeley, CAです。


One Response to “Bring your plan + Network for 311 events!: 311企画ミーティング”
  1. Hi, we plan to have a carpool or two of folks from Tri-Valley CAREs to come to the Sunday, March 11 event you are sponsoring at 7 pm at the ILWU Local 34 in SF. Please keep us posted on the particulars of that event as the get confirmed. We will pass along the info to our members. Peace, Marylia

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