Feb 1st: Hands Off Mothers from Fukushima/ Solidarity Action

Hands Off Mothers Of Fukushima and Occupy Tokyo At Japan METI Offices
Rally and PIcket Of Japanese Consulate
Wednesday February 1, 2012 12:00 Noon
50 Fremont St/Mission St. San Francisco
2/1(水)サンフランシスコ日本領事館前(50 Fremont St/Mission St. San Francisco)で抗議ラリーします。

Initiated by No Nukes Action Committee
いちおうNo Nukes Actionが企画ですが、持ち込み企画歓迎です。一瞬座り込みとかやってみませんか?

The Japanese government agency METI in Tokyo is seeking to remove the Mothers of Fukushima, anti-nuclear
activists and a protesters against the continued occupation of Okinawa. The occupation  began on October 27, 2011.
The Mothers of Fukushima are speaking out against the cover-up of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima
and also the continued effort of TEPCO and the government to continue to support nuclear power in Japan.
They are demanding compensation for the evacuation of all the 300,000 children in Fukushima as well
as all those who want to leave. (See also: http://www.beyondnuclear.org/home/2012/1/25/fukushima-mothers-and-activists-face-eviction.html)

Then, on Friday, Occupy Tokyo stood for this specific cause to support the protesters in front of METI. They won their demand the eviction. Approximately, 750 people physically rushed to the METI anti-nuke tent to support protesters several hours ago. They and 10,000 online supporters who witnessed/ reported back this action actually stopped METI’s brutal eviction/seizure.

We call on all those concerned about the dangers of nuclear power and for the defense of these protesters to join the picket and rally at the San Francisco Japanese consulate. Also letter can be sent to the consulate at Japanese Consulate General 50 Fremont St. San Francisco (See Also: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/nn20120128a2.html)

Also, please keep in mind in the context of our Occupy/ Decolonize movement in California/US, there are other oppressions and resistance happening in Japan as well.
– Koto ward of Tokyo is forcing a construction of an amusement park on the riverside, which has been a space for community organizing by/for homeless folks.
– Takae, a village in Okinawa is facing a forcible construction of US helipads. The villagers and supporters have been sitting in the location to protest for several years. In the past few weeks, the attacks by constructors escalated.
They need support, so we can send messages for the other causes! Let’s do an open-mic!

For more information about the action please contact
No Nukes Action

2 Responses to “Feb 1st: Hands Off Mothers from Fukushima/ Solidarity Action”
  1. Good luck with this, I wish I could get up for this but not this time.

    • No Nuclear Action/ Bay Area says:

      Thank you, Gene! Send us your message so we can read during our action. (amnioticfluid@gmail.com)

      In Solidarity,

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