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  • Many thank you! : Video Report on Dec 3rd Conference

    We had a very successful event with approximately 80 participants throughout the day. It became a day of a great sharing and networking among people and groups from all over the world, who have been fighting against nuclear power in such different ways. We set up tables for literature, and distributed the materials from our endorsers, and had a great time enjoying food and live Okinawan music and Eisa dance.

    We would like to share the video segments of our conference. Please feel free to share with your friends!
    Masanori Oba shot the entire event, which we will subtitle and archive it online, you can see them by clicking the number next to the name of each speaker. 後ほど字幕を付ける予定ではございますが、まずはMasanori Oba氏と、ケヴィン・パラド氏の録画した映像を(数字にリンクが張ってあります)御覧ください。この会に来られなかった方々や興味の有りそうな方々にもご自由にお配りください。


    Steve Zeltzer’s Fukushima documentary was screened, followed by
    Andrew Phillips (KPFA): 
    Anthony J. Hall (Univ. of Lethridge) : 18906167
    Appeal from Japan Multicultural Relief Fund, Marion Pack, Donna Gilmore (San Onofre Safety), and Barbara George (Marine Clean Energy) : 18908311
    Seungkoo Choi (Nuclear Free Asia) : 18910195
    Yuko Tonohira (Todos Somos Japon): 18911137
    Doug Beacom (TalkNukes) : 18911762

    Kevin Pardo, made a short summary of the event with the scenery of San Francisco State University and all the performance by Okinawa Sanshin Band, Eisa dance team, and performance by David Rovics at Red Stone Building.

    We are looking forward to meet you at our next organizing meeting, events, or actions! Please keep us updated with your anti-nukes work!

    One Response to “Many thank you! : Video Report on Dec 3rd Conference”
    1. Thank you so much for a great day and some really good info.

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