Save the Date!! :The Lessons Of Nuclear Power And The Media(福島―原子力の教訓とメディア)

The Lessons Of Nuclear Power And The Media(福島原子力の教訓とメディア) Dec 3rd, 2011, 10 AM to 4PM Burk Hall 28, San Francisco State University (1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco)

After 7 months, Japan keeps failing to stop the radioactive release.Do we want it in the US? Why Japan built 54 reactors, and we have 104 in the US? Where do we dump radioactive wastes? What do we know about this nuke-industrial complex,
and how people fight against it in Fukushima, Pan-Asia, California and New York? This educational conference will examine the Fukushima nuclear melt-down, the role of the media in its coverage, how this crisis has affected the development of nuclear power, and the education of the public about the industry.

Guest speakers/ 予定されているゲストスピーカー: Anthony J. Hall / アンソニー・J・ホール氏(Globalization Studies University of Lethbridge),  Barbara George / バーバラ・ジョージ氏(Marine Clean Energy), Seungkoo Choi / 崔勝久氏(Christian Network for Nuke-Free Earth), Steve Zeltzer / スティーブ・ゼルツァー氏(Labor Video Project) , Yuko Tonohira /殿平有子氏 (Todos Somos Japon)

The event is organized by No Nukes Action Committee, and supported by: California Nuclear Free Coalition. For information call (415)867-0628 or Email  or
Please support us! Print out our flyer now!

You can download and spread words about the event! 電話連絡は(415)867-0628または(510)644-1530 まで。メールの場合は311bayarea@gmail.comまたは lvpsf@igc.orgまでよろしくおねがいいたします。英語でのビラは、ご自由にプリントアウトして、ぜひ周りの方にお知らせください。

This event is organized by No Nukes Action Committee, and endorsed by California Nuclear Free Coalition.
このイベントは、No Nukes Action Committeeが組織しています。応援してくださっている他の団体は California Nuclear Free Coalitionです。


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