Now Dec 3rd: Fukushima, The Lessons Of Nuclear Power And The Media(福島―原子力の教訓とメディア)

We regret that we have not announced that we need to postpone our October 4th educational conference earlier. We learned the scale of cover-ups and scarcity of general information about radioactive contamination from on-going Fukushima incidents 7 months ago, and the U.S.-Japan nuclear industry ties. Rescheduling our conference to December 3rd at San Francisco State University, we are going to focus on the role of media in its coverage, and how this crisis has affected the development of nuclear power, and the education of the public about the industry.  We will have speakers sharing their findings, including reports from visiting Japan. It’s an all day event from 10AM to 4PM! Save the date and join us!
Speakers for the conference are:
Barbara George (Marin Clean Energy)
Kei Sugaoka (former GE Inspector)
Steve Zeltzer (journalist)
Anthony Hall (Historian)
and Others TBA
Call (415)867-0628 or E-mail for details. We have two versions of flyers:


Barbara George氏(Marin Clean Energy)
Kei Sugaoka氏 (former GE Inspector)
Steve Zeltzer氏 (journalist)
Anthony Hall氏 (Historian)


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