TELL THE WHITE HOUSE: END TAXPAYER SUBSIDIES FOR NEW NUCLEAR REACTORS 「国の税金を使って助成金これ以上原子力発電所を作るのはやめよう!」ホワイトハウスへ抗議しよう!

We received an email from Nuclear Information Resources Service (NIRS), asking for the petition to end the
subsidies for new nuclear reactors. As No Nukes Action, we support to this petition! Tell your friends about it! (Translator: Umi Hagitani)
私たちはNuclear Information Research Services(NIRS=原子力情報調査サービス)から、米国の原発への予算停止を求める嘆願書についてのメールを受け取りました。No Nukes Actionとして、この嘆願運動を支援します。ぜひ広めてください。(翻訳者:萩谷海)

– – – – – – – -(feel free to copy and paste the following/ 以下は転送転載歓迎)


 September 23, 2011

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we got a notice from the White House that it has added a new petition process to its website. The idea is that people can now create petitions and have them go directly to the Obama Administration. And if 5,000 people sign a petition within 30 days of its first posting, the Administration promises it will review the petition and respond to it.
私たちNuclear Information Research Services(NIRS=原子力情報調査サービス)は、ホワイトハウスの公式ウェブサイトで新たな提案について検討が行われていることを知りました。この提案とは、人々が嘆願を直接オバマ政権本部に提出することができる、というものです。最初の署名呼びかけから、30日以内に5000名が署名をした場合、内閣はこれについて検討し、応答をするというものです。

So we decided to give it a try.

Our petition to end subsidies for new nuclear reactors is here: you can sign it now.

The question we had developing this petition was: what should we ask for?

It didn’t make sense to ask him to close all existing reactors because, while a great idea, the President does not have the authority to do that. And the President cannot tell the NRC–which is an independent agency–what to do. Nor did it make sense to urge the administration to do something only Congress can do–for example, withdraw the existing money in the nuclear loan guarantee program.
全ての原子力発電所を今すぐ閉鎖しろと要求するのは素晴らしい一方で、オバマ大統領はそのような権限を持っていません。加えて大統領は独立局であるNuclear Regulatory Commision(NRC=アメリカ合衆国原子力規制委員会)に対して命ずることが出来ないのです。そして国の連邦議会に依拠した要求–例えば現存の原子力産業に対する貸付金を撤廃しろ、など–を内閣に提出するのも、無理のあることです。
Nor could we ask for anything too complicated–the system limits petitions to only 800 characters (not words, characters!).
In the end, we decided to ask for something President Obama can easily do (or, in this case, not do): we’ve urged him to stop asking Congress for more money for loan guarantees for new reactor construction as well as money for research and development for new reactors.
Here is the text of the petition:
The Fukushima nuclear disaster has forever destroyed the myth that nuclear power is clean or green: clean energy plants do not explode and release toxic radiation across the globe. That this accident occurred in a
highly-industrialized country using U.S.-supplied technology only underscores the inherent danger of nuclear power.
For the past two years, you have requested that Congress increase the funds available for loans for new nuclear reactor construction by $36 Billion. Congress has not done so.

We ask you now to end taxpayer support for new nuclear reactors. Specifically, we ask you not to request any additional funds for the Department of Energy’s nuclear loan guarantee program, nor for the research and development of new nuclear reactors, in the FY 2013 budget and future budgets.

Let’s get a direct response from President Obama. Help us get to at least 5,000 signatures by signing here (note, the White House website is sometimes a little slow, have patience). We will, of course, share his response with you.
Thanks for all you do,

Michael Mariotte
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service

Note: Don’t forget about this Autumn’s Actions for a Nuclear-Free World, especially the rally in NYC with Helen Caldicott, John Hall, Harvey Wasserman and more, and related actions across the country on October 1. More info on our action page here.
おしらせ:今秋the Nuclear-Free Worldがアクション計画を立てています。10月1日に、ニューヨーク市でヘレン・カルディオット、ジョン・ホール、ハーヴェイ・ワッサーマン、その他の人々が全米と共同で抗議行動をします。情報はこちらをごらんください。


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