Sign the Petition to the Consulate of Japan to End the Nuclear Renaissance(領事館に提出する声明文に賛同の署名をお願いします)

With the 6.11 World-Wide Anti-Nukes Actions, No Nukes Action of Bay Area will submit our statement below to the Consulate General of Japan. We will appreciate if you can come to the consulate at 3:30 to support our delegates!(See for the detail) 世界同時脱原発行動にあわせ、サンフランシスコでは以下の声明文を日本領事館に提出します。お時間のある方は領事館前での署名提出(サンフランシスコ日本領事館で午後3時半集合)にお立ち会いください。(声明文の日本語訳は追ってアップします。活動の詳細は

Petition On Japanese Government For June 10, 2011 To Defend Japanese People & Stop Nuclear Plants
The nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima is a threat not only to the people of Japan but to the
people of the entire world. The cover-up by TEPCO and the Japanese government is inexcusable.
The people of the region are still being radiated, and children have to hide in their homes or
schools. At the same time, your government has changed the regulations which were in place to protect the population as conditions have changed, putting at grave risk the same people you are charged to protect.
We the following Japanese people and US people call for:
1. The closure of all nuclear plants in Japan, as Germany and Switzerland are preparing to do;
2. The full compensation of all workers and affected communities for their health and loss of employment due to this man-made catastrophe;
3. The criminal prosecution of all TEPCO and government officials who are shown to have engaged in a criminal cover-up of the explosions and leakage of nuclear material;
4. An end to the sale of nuclear power equipment and supplies in Japan, and support by the Japanese government for an end to nuclear power worldwide;
5. The formation of a citizens’/workers’ commission which will conduct an independent investigation of the causes of this accident, and investigate who is responsible for the systemic cover-ups byTEPCO and government officials which have prevented proper oversight and supervision of these plants and industry;
6. The widespread distribution of geiger counters,whole body counters and food radiation detectors;
7. The repeal of the 20mSv rule for children and the immediate evacuation of children and pregnant women from all affected areas;
8. Not using this disaster as an excuse to delay the removal of US forces from Okinawa, and an end of plans for the militarization and use of bases in Jeju Island in South Korea and Guam;
9. An end to uranium mining in the U.S. and abroad (India, Jabiluka in Australia);
10. An end to plans for nuclear waste dumping in Mongolia and the U.S.;
11. An end to the practice of the nuclear industry absorbing labor from
marginalized communities (zainichi, baraku, indigenous people); and
12. A full accounting of all the economic costs of uranium mining and waste disposal globally.

If you support our statement, please click the link below to show your solidarity! ご賛同いただける方は、以下のリンクをクリックしてください。


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