2 Flyers for Our Convenience!行動用フライヤー2種出来ました!

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Download your favorite version from below (the above is jpg) and promote the awareness against nukes!
1) Todos Somos Collective delegate Yuko Tonohira created a beautiful flyer to celebrate NY + SF action and solidarity with Japan. Good for color printers!
Todos Somos Collective (jfissures.org)の殿平有子さんが、日本と連帯するニューヨークとサンフランシスコの同時行動を祝って、かっこいいフライヤーをつくってくれました。わーい。http://www.scribd.com/doc/56944262/610-611-sf-nyc-tompkin

2) For black/white printers! Labor-related resources + SF+ NY Solidarity with world wide action against nukes! What a deal!白黒プリンター用に。労働者関係の情報と、サンフランシスコとニューヨークの行動情報入り!お得すぎです!

Also, useful links updated for activists!それから、リンクに以下を追加しました。お役立てください。

Sustainable Activism and Avoid Burn Out
Activism has a lot of capacity to hold people with different backgrounds and different ways of acting on them. If you feel too low, or burnt out, perhaps this can be good ways to appreciate yourself as well as your affiliation with others.


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