Report: May 7th No Nukes Action

5月7日にサンフランシスコの日本領事館前で行われた抗議行動のビデオ記録。参加者は四十名程度で、No Nuclear Action結成のきっかけとなった日です。
Labor Video Projectが記録して、編集しました。

Labor and community activists on May 7, 2011 at the San Francisco Japanese Consulate demanded an end to the cover-up in Japan by Tokyo Electric Power Company TEPCO and the Japanese government. Workers, farmers and their families continue to be contaminated and the government is raising the “allowable” radiation levels in order to downplay the dangers of this catastrophe.

Rally participants called for the shutdown of all nuclear plants and an end to the use of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.
From more video and information:
The Whistleblower Who Shutdown 17 Nuclear Reactors in Japan
Former GE nuclear plant inspector and whistleblower from Martinez once repaired the mighty Fukushima power station; now he is observing its destruction…
Dying for TEPCO? Fukushima’s Nuclear Contract Workers
This is a documentary on nuclear power plant workers who were nuked. Channel 4, UK.
Production of Labor Video Project

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