Call For Action 6.10 San Francisco No Nuclear Action

No Nuclear Action Committee in the Bay Area is organizing a rally and action in solidarity with 6.11 1 Million People Against Nukes Action that will take place in Japan and beyond. The action will be organized in SF and NYC.
(Details in English below Japanese!!)







日時:June 10th, at 3:30PM
場所:The Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco (50 Fremont St, San
Francisco, CA 94105)

日時:June 11th, at noon
場所:TBA (Union Sq. 許可待ち)

June 11th marks three months since Fukushima nuclear/ earthquakes disaster.
We condemn nuclear energy and electricity that harms people and the environment.
We are calling the world to join the 1 million people’s action against nukes on June 11th.

People stood up for the fights against nukes in Tokyo, and all over Japan.
Germany immediately decided to shut down all of its reactors. Japanese government followed by requesting Hamaoka reactor to stop, geared by people’s efforts to protest on April 10th and May 7th.
Yet, Japanese government and Tepco forcibly silence people’s fear and demands to repeal their cover-ups. They work together to avoid the tasks and costs of evacuation and forthcoming compensation.
Moreover, Japanese government allied with the U.S. government promotes further nuclear renaissance (exploitation) thought nuclear weapons, uranium mines, and reactors.
They force marginalized farmers, fishers, workers, temp workers (freeters), day labors and homeless folks, military and base workers, aborigines/ indigenous, Zainichi, Buraku, foreigners, and immigrants and children to take all the risks for further radiation and accidents, as well as the issues of nuclear waste dumping.
We who are outside of Japan must raise our voices now to imagine and demand a better world free of nuclear power.

San Francisco
June 10th, 3:30PM, a the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco (50 Fremont St, San Francisco, CA 94105)

New York
June 11th, 12PM, Tompkins Sq.

Our Network of Solidarity in alphabetical order(アルファベット順に賛同/協働団体):
Cindy Sheehan
The Gerlind Institute for Cultural Studies (
Hachiko Coalition (
Japan Multicultural Relief Fund (JMRF) (
Labor Video Project (
Nuclear Information and Resource Service (
Peace and Freedom Party Endorsed (
Plutonium Free Future (
Raging Grannies Action League (
Todos Somos Japan Collective: Japan-Fissures in Planetary Apparatus (
United Public Workers For Action(
Veterans For Peace (
Western States Legal Foundation (


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